A New collaboration, Vegan beer and our latest numbers – Weekly Brewery Update

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In this week’s Brewery Update, we explain our brewery numbers, we did a new collaboration for some friend and there’s some news on vegan beer.


A numbers game. #01 – #186.

Our brewery concept is based on the idea of a library. Not a library of books, but one of beer. We’re always trying to brew new beers. And although we have a Standard Assortment, it’s our Special Assortment that gets the most attention.

Having this concept in mind we always knew that we had to, in some way, keep track of the amount of different beers we will brew. That’s why each new beer has a number allocated to it. Our first beer, Black Ale Chilli, is #01, and our latest new beer, Göteborgswits is #186. At the moment we’ve done 193 different styles, but the latest ones are still a secret 😉

On the old labels, we had the number hidden on the top left, very small in the colour band. It was more of an interest for us, than wanting to show it off. When we updated our brand profile and labels, we decided to show the numbers a lot more prominent on the labels. Now they are right next to the name.

The numbers for the beers in our Standard Assortment are also a mix of numbers for the beers that we believe are those that we want to represent what we stand for as a brewery. That’s why the numbers are so scattered with the 193 beers we have brewed so far. Our best sellers are #05 Bobek Citra and #049 Hip Hops.

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Collaborations are an integral part of our brewing philosophy.

Collaborations are really an integral part of how we want to brew. Learning from others. Teaching others. Working together to brew great beer. We also enjoy not only brewing at our brewery, but also at the other breweries, where you get to learn so much more about different brew kits.

Collaborations, however, are not just between breweries. Since we started we have brewed multiple collaborations with various pubs, brands and customers. As for clothing brands, we did our first collaboration, The Good Doctor, for our friends at Dr.Denim Jeansmakers. The latest with a clothing brand was done for our friends at Monki for one of their After Work events. They even added their signature charm with a one-off label.

Before the Monki IPA, we did the Pustervik IPA for our friends at Pustervik, one of the best music venues in Gothenburg. Below you can see some of the artwork and what the bottles look like.

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Some News.

Guinness is going vegan.

Guinness is going vegan. It took years to accomplish, but the Irish stout will soon be made without any fish guts.

It’s tough out there for vegan beer drinkers. Brewers often use fish bladders, more formally known as isinglass, for filtering cask beers. Hardline vegetarians and vegans who abstain from all animal products can’t drink those beers, then.

Fortunately for them, Guinness has been working on eliminating trace amounts of fish bladder from its beer for years.

As of this week, according to beverage giant Diageo, Guinness has officially eliminated fish guts from its filtration process. For now, it’s only for stout on tap at bars but cans and bottles should be in place by the end of the year.

If you’re wondering, about us, then rest assured, we do not filter or pasteurize our beer. Not all of them are vegan, as we’ve used lactose in three of them. But as for vegetarian, yes they are.

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And finally

During this last week I designed two labels for two beers, that we will, for now, just call the Hipster Twins. There’s a lot more new labels coming in shortly and new beers hitting the market shortly, but as for now it’s all a surprise.

Until next week. Keep well.


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