Dark months call for Dark beers and a can of Whoop Ass – Weekly Brewery Update

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Things have settled down nicely after the chaotic opening weekend of our Tap Room, and we’re looking forward to opening again in a week’s time. Adam says thanks to everyone he met on his short trip to London, for some meetings, beer drinking and good times. We’re definitely going to do it again.

This coming week both of our head brewers Adam and Richard will be heading to Russia for more of the same. Meetings, beer drinking and good times.

We’ve also got some new beers coming out, as well as more beers available for our Swedish customers here at home, at their favourite bottle shop Systembolaget.

Kilos of Cookies.

Magnus holding Cookie, one of our brewery dogs.

Our collaboration with Benchwarmers Brewing Co. is being packaged in the coming week. It’s an 8,5% Oat Stout, which is perfect for this coming festive season. It will be packaged in cans, and the first tasting might already be this coming weekend at the Tap Room.

The name is derived from two of the three brewery dogs Kilo and Cookie, well because we added kilos of cookies into the beer. Both dogs are from the Staffordshire Bullterrier family, and great playmates, whenever they get together.

This beer should hit the market in about a week or so.

Some more cans of Whoop Ass. In case you missed the opportunity.

As a brewery that don’t too often brew a second batch, we’ve been doing it with a few this last while. As our market grows in Sweden, as well as internationally, a single batch just doesn’t cut it anymore. Whoop Ass, our collab with All In Brewing has been brewed again, and will also be heading out of the brewery in a week or so.

It will also join the low ABV (Folköl) cans that are for sale directly from the Tap Room as takeaways. We’re always aiming to sell a 6 pack for around 100kr, depending on the type of beer. Berliners cost more to make than Session IPAs you see 🙂

So if you missed the opportunity to open a can of Whoop Ass, you’ve got one more shot.

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New Merchandise to fill up that Christmas Stocking.

Our webshop has just been updated with some new merchandise. There’s more than ten different colours available, in men and ladies models, in all the sizes.

So pick your favourite and wear it with pride 🙂 or buy one for your favourite Craft Beer drinking friend.

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Hello Sweden. Dark months call for Dark Beers.

Black IPA, Eternal Darkness Imperial Stout and Mocha Latte Stout

We now have 9 beers available for our Swedish customers to buy or order to their closest store. Just hit the shop now button, it’s as easy as that. The dark beers should keep you company through these months of Eternal Darkness.

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And finally

Our Tap Room is open again on Friday 16 Dec from 17-21h00 and on Saturday 17 Dec from 14-19h00. Don’t forget to check out our Tap Room page for the address and additional info.

Book of Records Hazelnut & Vanilla was a crowd favourite during our opening night.

That’s it from this week’s update, we hope you enjoyed the catchup. We’re off to Nyköping for an event at a fantastic restaurant called Ät, together with our friends at Brewing Költur.

Keep well, until next week.



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Get your hands on some limited edition Sabotage Tees

We only produced 30 Limited Edition Sabotage T-shirts for sale from our web shop. Sabotage was the Black IPA we brewed in collaboration with O|O Brewing. Get some!!

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Finding our beers in Sweden


Have a look at our Systembolaget page, where you’ll find a map that features the stores that have our beers on their shelves. If you live in other parts of Sweden, then you can follow this link to order the beers directly from Systembolaget.se to your closest store or your front door 🙂

Folköl (Low ABV Beers)

Five low ABV beers available from the brewery.
Our five beers available to buy directly from the brewery.

Visit our Folköl page if you’d like to find out which Stores & Supermarkets, such as ICA & Hemköp stock our low ABV or “folköl” across Sweden.


Getting hold of our beers Internationally

At the moment we export our beer to 13 countries. Of course Europe is close, but our first shipment has just arrived in New Zealand. Some countries have exclusivity contract, whilst others do not.

If you’d like to distribute our beer in your country, then please get in touch, and we can send you a price list, and discuss samples, etc.

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Darryl De Necker

Darryl is the Co-Founder and Head of Marketing & Sales at Beerbliotek.