James Boatright, a brewery at Beerbliotek, tasting a new Pilsner, called Pils Pls, he brewed at their ´Kungssten brewery.

PILS PLS is nearly done and our collaboration with Naparbier is heading to Systembolaget.

This week we talk about PILS PLS, our new Pilsner, and can share the good news that our IPA collaboration with Naparbier is heading to Systembolaget.


Our take on the traditional Lager.

A can packshot of PILS PLS a Pilsner brewed by Swedish brewery Beerbliotek in Gothenburg.

So I walk into the brewery and ask James if it’s time to try the Pilsner? Yes it is, he answered back, and goes to the tank to pour us each a glass. You see James is new at our brewery, been here around a month, and in Sweden just a tad longer.

Darryl: Where were you born?

James: Acton, London

D: Where was your last job?

J: Cotswold Brewing Co.

D: What you doing in Sweden?

J: Well, moved here to work for Beerbliotek, and to be with my girlfriend. Depends who’s asking. (Laughs)

D: What are your next challenges?

J: I want to brew better beer, and learn Swedish.

D: So you brewed a Pilsner. You have any comments on what you did?

J: My aim was to brew a Pilsner that was crips and light with extra hops. Both in the boil and dry-hopped. A light unfiltered Pilsner. You should have the grainy malt taste somewhere in the background and some hops in the aftertaste.

D: So Craft Pilsner?

J: Correct, but my aim was to brew a traditional Pilsner, similar to Macro Beer, but then give it the Craft Beer treatment.

D: It tastes really good. Is is done?

J: Nearly done. One more week in the tank should about do it.


So there you have it, from the horse’s mouth so to speak. This is actually our third Pilsner, after Pilsner One-O-One and the collaboration Hopped Pilsner we did together with Haket two years ago called “I f*ucking made it”.

Hello Sweden

Our Naparbier collaboration is heading to Systembolaget.

In April Richard headed to Spain to meet up with our friends at Naparbier for the first of our two collaborations. We always try and extend an invitation back to our brewery when we get invited to brew at other breweries. This was one of those times that it worked out pretty well.

The first beer was brewed during Richard’s trip to Spain, an IPA called Stop me if you think you heard this one before. And the second was a Farmhouse IPA called Hacerse el Sueco which they brewed here at home in our Kungssten Brewery.

The first IPA, Stop me if you think you heard this one before, has also now been accepted to go into Systembolaget, and will hit some stores at the beginning of August. You will always be able to order it to your closest store if you want.

We’ll share more info closer to the time.

Just launched.

Two new beers at our Brewery Tap Room.

We always aim to launch our beers at our Brewery Tap Room. This past weekend we launched two. Our New England IPA collaboration with Six Degrees North, called Better Late Than Never, which went on sale a week ago, so should be at pubs right about now, and I know we sent a lot to our export markets.

The second beer was another of our Berliner Weisse collaborations, this time with Copenhagen Restaurant Barr. They took the bulk of the batch for their restaurant, but we have a few kegs going on sale soon, so watch out for it at a pub or restaurant in a month or so.

If you want to know what’s happening with our releases, then follow our Tap Room Facebook page for all the updates.

A can of Milh, the Berliner Weisse brewed by Beerbliotek, in collaboration with Restaurant Barr in Copenhagen.

Collaborations are an integral part of our brewing philosophy. This time Andreas, the in-house brewer from Barr in Copenhagen wanted a new beer for their restaurant. The result was this Berliner Weisse filled with Blackcurrents, Redcurrants and Rosé Pepper.

A can of Better Late Than Never, a New England IPA brewed in collaboration with Beerbliotek from Sweden and Six Degrees North from Scotland.

Travelling to different countries & making new friends is how it all started, and finally our friends from Six Degrees North came over to Sweden to brew with us. Our second collaboration is a New England IPA with Styrian Wolf, Citra, and Ekuanot.

A Moment of Clarity

Recall batch #CLA744.

Since the beginning of 2018, A Moment of Clarity has qualified into Systembolagets’ Standard Assortment, and since then, Sweden’s best rated Session IPA has gone into more and more stores.

In our rush to keep up with demand for this beer it appears we have packaged a beer to soon and have noticed since that we have a fermentation issue with batch #CLA744. Unfortunately we need to recall this batch. We strive to make the best beer we can but sometimes mistakes are made and we are sorry for any inconvenience to our customers.

Read more

Öletsdag 2018

Thanks to everyone for saying hi.

Last Wednesday we joined up with a bunch of our brewery friends to celebrate Öletsdag 2018 at Haket, one of our favourite pubs in Gothenburg. Öletsdag is translated to Beer Day, and always the third Wednesday in July.

We took two new beers with us for the night. Better Late than Never, our latest New England IPA collaboration with our mates from Six Degrees North in Edinburgh. The other beer was one of our sour beers from our Sockerbruket Sour Brewery, called Feeding the birds and hoping for something in return. A Brett Ale, which we just packaged and will go on sale soon.

Some News.

Sweden is pretty gay.

By Scott Kearnan

“From ABBA to Ace of Base to Robyn, the Swedes have given us decades-spanning soundtracks to gay bars. They’ve given us the H&M outfits to wear there and the IKEA couch for curling up with Grindr when not in the mood (to dance). They’ve even given us hunky Prince Carl Philip, who is straight (bummer), but presently a thirst trap du jour for Gay Twitter.”

Hello London.

Ten days left to LCBF.

There’s just ONE week to go till we are at London Craft Beer Festival! Don’t miss out & grab your ticket here: http://bit.ly/LCBF18-1Week We’ve got some beers from our standard assortment, and then some special ones to share. Come and say hi.

And finally.

Cheers to a busy weekend at our Brewery Tap Room.

This summer in Sweden is amazing, and with that we’re glad we have our outside serving area open. As always, we had ten beers on the list, four on draught and six in the fridge in cans.

We’re also happy with more and more people getting used to bringing with them a bite to eat. We don’t serve food, but always allow our customers to bring their own.

Then also we had about 20+ bicycles parked putside the Tap Room, and eight prams on the inside, so it was very busy indeed. What with us releasing two new beers for the very first time.

Let’s hope the summer stays this warm and our beers very cold. Our doors are open Fridays from 17-21:00 and Saturdays 14-19:00 biweekly on uneven weeks.


That’s it from us for this week, until next time.

Cheers from Beerbliotek

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Folköl (Low ABV Beers)

A can of Beerbliotek Session IPA, low ABV beer (Folköl).
We mash this low ABV beer warmer than usual to retain the malt backbone. We then hop it with loads of Citra and Motueka to give aroma and flavour to a beer you can enjoy all day.

On our Folköl page you can see our entire assortment, as well as the Stores & Supermarkets, such as ICA & Hemköp that stock them across Sweden. At our Tap Room you can buy them directly from us.


Fresh cans of Beerbliotek "Not Guilty! The juice IPA" waiting to be shipped.
Fresh cans of "Not Guilty! The juice IPA" waiting to be shipped.

Have a look at the beers from our Standard Assortment, or the new beers from our Special Assortment.

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International IPA day! It would be rude not too! What are you drinking? #amomentofclarity #drinklocal #ipa #ipaday2019 #beerbliotek ...

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