Bryggningar tillsammans med vänner

Våra senaste samarbeten


Dessa öl har bryggts de senaste 12 månaderna, eller är fortfarande i produktion. Finns för det mesta i begränsad upplaga, så se till att hitta ditt exemplar medan du kan.

A can of Gentle Giant, a Double IPA brewed in collaboration with Swedish Craft Breweries Beerbliotek and All in Brewing along with Canadian Brewery Collective Arts.

Gentle Giant


Double IPA
ABV 8,0%


This beer, a collaboration with the Giants of the Canadian brewing scene, is a double IPA that quietly walks over, sits down and gently smashes you in your face.

A can of Milli Vanilla, an IPA brewed in collaboration with Swedish Craft Breweries Beerbliotek and All in Brewing, together with Dutch brewery LOC.

Milli Vanilla


ABV 6,1%


How do you make a number one hit in a decade full of one hit wonders? Well you fake it. This Vanilla beer is made with real Vanillin.

A can of IPA, called A moment of Tranquillity, brewed in collaboration by Swedish breweries Beerbliotek and All In Brewing.

A moment of tranquillity


New England IPA (NEIPA)
ABV 7,0%


A collaboration with our friends All In Brewing where instead of creating a new beer, we created a hybrid of two of our most popular beers, A moment of Clarity and Dank Tranquillity.

A can packshot of Donker and Ved, a barrel aged Imperial Stout by Swedish Craft Brewery Beerbliotek, in collaboration with Dutch brewery De Molen.

Donker and Ved


Barrel aged Imperial Stout
ABV 11,5%


This follow up to our original Imperial Stout “Donker och Deadly” spent over nine months in Cognac barrels, to make it a lot thicker, sweeter, lucious.


Zippy’s throwing a party and there’s a dress code


Black IPA
ABV 7,5%


A lot of our beer names are inspired by people we meet at festivals, and experiences we share. If you want to know what this beer name is all about, or inspire the next one, then see you at a festival.


Nothing says Florida like a Scandinavian winter


Florida IPA
ABV 6,4%


When you live up here in Scandinavia, weather is really all you talk about, as it affects so much of your life. Reminiscing over summer, we created a tart Florida IPA, together with our mates from Left Handed Giant.


Shakes fist angrily


Cascadian Dark Ale with Orange Peel
ABV 9,5%


We’re honoured being invited as a brewery to Borefts 2018 at De Molen, where we’ve been many times before. It’s the festival that set the dream of starting our brewery.


Better late than never


New England IPA
ABV 6,8%


Travelling to different countries & making new friends is how it all started with Six°North. Our second collaboration is a New England IPA with big hits like Citra & Ekuanot.




Raspberry & Coffee Berliner Weisse
ABV 4,0%


It pours dark, and the aroma is Raspberries. The taste is Raspberries in symbiosis with the Coffee, with a light sourness. Fold down a chair, kick back and enjoy this collaboration with our French sounding friends from L’Ermitage in Belgium.


I can’t undrink the things I’ve drunk


Berliner Weisse with Potato & Spruce Tips
ABV 4,0%


Potentially the beginning of a new style, this Potato Berliner Weisse contains the best of both worlds; Irish pragmatism and Swedish style.


Hacerse El Sueco


Famhouse IPA
ABV 7,5%


Collaborations are an integral part of our brewing philosophy and this is the second one with our Spanish friends from Naparbier. A dry, Farmhouse style IPA, with a deceptively soft body and a big hoppy spicy aroma from Simcoe, Nelson Sauvin, and Citra hops.


Scorched Tundra IX


Midwest Pale Ale
ABV 5,5%


Collaborations are an integral part of our brewing philosophy, so it is no surprise that our friends from All In Brewing, together with an innovative metal festival, helped create this Midwest Pale Ale; transcending style with spirit and gusto leaving only a Scorched Tundra behind.




White IPA
ABV 6,7%


He travelled to a land down under. To brew a beer with our brothers. Can you smell and taste the wonder? If you like hops, why not get another?


Donker och Deadly


Imperial Stout
ABV 11,2%


Collaborations are an integral part of our brewing philosophy and Brouwerij De Molen has always been a shining light in our exploration as a brewery. The name means dark and deadly, made up of the three languages we speak, Dutch, Swedish and English.




Hoppy Melon Witbier
ABV 5,2%


Collaborations are integral part of our brewing philosophy. This time we teamed up with our friends at Odd Island Brewing to explore the Gothenburg wit, with this Witbier.


Not Guilty! The Juice IPA


ABV 7,5%


The only thing this beer is guilty of is being filled with juicy Hops, Orange peel and loads of Oats, Wheat and flaked Barley.

Att sälja vår öl 

Det är väldigt enkelt


Kontakta oss om du vill sälja vår öl i din pub, restaurang eller butik.

Ur produktion


Dessa öl bryggda genom samarbeten, är inte i produktion längre. Har du tur kan du hitta något exemplar på någon pub eller restaurang någonstans i världen.


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