Our Tap Room is closed until further notice, due to Covid-19.

Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19 we have taken the difficult decision to close our Tap Room for the next few weeks.


The ongoing situation has had a huge impact on us here at Beerbliotek. We have had to take some pretty difficult decisions, and had many sleepless nights. But we also count ourselves amongst the lucky ones.

We feel very blessed by all of the support you have shown us over the last month. All of you who have bought our beer at Systembolaget, or ordered from web shops. Those that have ventured out and bought our beer in bars and restaurants or visited us at our Tap Room. Thank you.

But, Beerbliotek, at its heart is a brewery, and right now we need to focus on our core business, which is to produce beer. As a brewery we need bars and restaurants, importers, distributors and web shops. We need supermarkets and cafes and we need Systembolaget. But most of all, we need all of you supporting those businesses.

If we are to survive as an industry and thrive as a craft beer community we need to support each other, because without all of the amazing people and businesses that make up our community we face a very bleak future.

So, to that end. Over the next few weeks we would like to encourage all of you that planned on visiting our Tap Room to instead visit one of the amazing bars and restaurants that stock our beer. If you are healthy and can visit, we ask you to support our friends that run the bars and restaurants that make up the front line of our awesome community.

If you are not feeling well, we encourage you to order some takeaway from one of your favourite bars, maybe a beer or two from Systembolaget or a web shop and stay at home and help protect those most at risk.

In that way you not only support us, but you support the incredible vibrant scene we have built together. You support multiple businesses and ensure that another bartender has the best chance of having a job to go to tomorrow, and that we all have the best chance of those amazing bars and restaurants still existing next week, next month and the one after that.

For the next few weeks our Tap Room Manager, Madison, will be spending her time in our marketing department running a series of stories to support the bars and restaurants that over the last 7 years have supported us, bought our beer and made it possible for us to live our dream.


Thank you all for the support.


Love, beerbliotek

Madison Simpson

Marketing Assistant Tap Room Manager