Three new beers are heading to Systembolaget in July

On the 1st of July we will release three more beers at the Swedish monopoly Systembolaget. This will bring our current assortment at the Monopoly to 15 beers.

A can packshot of PILS PLS a Pilsner brewed by Swedish brewery Beerbliotek in Gothenburg.


Our take on the traditional Lager.

This is a Pilsner. Our take on the traditional Lager. A classic style with a contemporary twist, brewed with Hops from Germany and North America. Really soft, light, crushable semi dry Pilsner.

A can packshot of Red Dot Special a Red Fruit Sour Ale, brewed by Swedish Craft Brewery Beerbliotek.

Red Dot Special

A red fruit Sour Ale.

A fruit Sour Ale where we added Cherries, Strawberries and Raspberries into the mix. Red might not be the first colour you think about when drinking beer. But it might be once you done drunk this special one.

Pouring a can of Red Dot Special, the Red Fruit Sour Ale brewed by Beerbliotek, the Swedish Craft Brewery from Gothenburg.

A moment of tranquillity

One more collaboration with All In Brewing.

A collab with our friends All In Brewing where we didn’t create a new beer, but a hybrid of two of our favourites, A Moment of Clarity and Dank Tranquillity.

Darryl De Necker

Darryl is the Co-Founder & Designer. Head of Marketing & Export at Beerbliotek.