We brew a Nitro Coffee with our friends Da Matteo Coffee Roasters, plus get ready for more Moments of Clarity, the official GBG Beer Week beer for 2017 – Weekly Brewery Update

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This past week we released our first Nitro Coffee, a collaboration with our good friends Da Matteo coffee roasters. This week, on the 1st of June, we’re releasing “A Moment of Clarity, GBG Beer Week 2017” at Systembolaget, just in time for summer and we’d like to say a big thanks to everyone who joined us in Edinburgh, Stockholm and our Tap Room over the weekend.

Then there’s also some other beer related news, in this week’s brewery update.

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Collaboration. Da Matteo Nitro Coffee.

Last week started with a brewed something we haven’t brewed yet at the brewery, and that is coffee. Well technically yes, we have, but that was in much smaller quantities and in the kitchen, first thing when we start working. This time around our good friends from Da Matteo came by with 36 kg of freshly roasted coffee from Kamwangi, in Kenya. And opening the packets of coffee up filled the brewery up with the most amazing aromas.

This is for our very exciting project, or shall we call it a collaboration that we are doing with Da Matteo, Gothenburg’s finest Coffee Roasters. The end result is what we simply called Nitro Coffee.

The first sips of this new project was taking from the brewing kit kettle. All warm. When he final product in fact, will be Nitro infused, and served cold, from a keg connected to a beer tap.

We brewed 500 litres of Kenya Kamwangi this time around. After the weekend’s craziness at the brewery Tap Room and the Food Market at Magasinsgatan this past Sunday, where we gave away samples, we can surely say that people loved it. There was a lot of surprised expressions and a lot of interest.

It’s vibrant and creamy with refreshing notes of citrus and red berries, and a delicious must have in the sun.

When you pour it, it looks like pint of Guinness.

Some Travel News.

Gothenburg Nightlife from AFAR.

This past week the travel magazine AFAR, shared a mention of our small town Gothenburg’s cosy wine bars, a strong and still growing craft beer scene, and late-night dancing. The stories about Gothenburg’s relaxed but fun nightlife was collected by Marie Oskarsson.

In case you don’t know, AFAR is the multi-platform travel media brand that inspires and guides those who travel the world to connect with its people, experience their cultures, and understand their perspectives. Its platforms include the award-winning AFAR magazine; AFAR.com, recently named a Top 10 site That Makes Travel Easier; the non profit foundation Learning AFAR; and immersive travel series AFAR Experiences.

So a mention of some of our great brewery customers was great. If you’re heading to Gothenburg from overseas some time, you won’t be disappointed, this is a great town.

Photo Credits: Rob Sinclair, Krm500, Tor Svensson, Idarvol, Reimund Trost, Kotasik, Wigulf and Oskari Löytynoja

The Beerbliotek Tap Room Beer List.
Always up to date.

Pouring fresh beer at the Beerbliotek Tap Room, on opening night.
Our collab with Cervisiam, "Not Guilt" The OJ IPA", pouring fresh at the Beerbliotek Tap Room.

Our Tap Room has now been going for nearly six months. We’ve had over 30 different beers available during that time, and the list will just keep on changing.

We’re always aiming to have some of our freshest beers available, along with special releases, and as we had this past weekend, a 3 year old Strong Ale, which turned out lovely. We’re happy we saved a keg.

With all that said, we have also now created a Menu, or Tap List on Untappd, which will always be available, and up to date on the Tap Room page on our website, Facebook and the menu board at the brewery.

In case you don’t use the service, Untappd is a new way to socially share and explore the world of beer with your friends and the world. If you’re curious what your friends are drinking or where they’re hanging out? Just check their profile where you can toast and comment on their beers! Untappd will offer you beer recommendations based on what you and your friends have been enjoying, so you’ll have no reason to not try something new!

So don’t forget to follow the Beerbliotek Brewery & Tap Room venue on Untappd, if you’d like to get notifications of our beer list and upcoming events.

View the menu
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Some News.

German heavy metal fest builds beer pipeline to keep revellers pumped.

Wacken festival workers laying pipes. Photo: DPA.

A German heavy metal festival is building its own beer pipeline to quench the voracious thirst of its attendees.

More than 75,000 people are expected to attend the Wacken Open Air in August and consume about 400,000 litres of beer—that’s the total, not per capita, though that would be awfully metal.

Wacken Open Air plans to erect a pipeline capable of delivering six beers per second to bartenders—along with separate pipes for power, fiber optics, drinking water and sewage.

That should cut down on the massive pools of standing water that tend to form, though organisers assured attendees there will still be plenty of mud to play in 🙂

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A Moment of Clarity.
At Systembolaget June 1 🙂

In March when we launched this beer, it was added to the special assortment of beers at Systembolaget in Sweden. All of those cans have now been sold out, and we have placed it back into Systembolaget, but this time in the local assortment. This means you can buy the cans on the shelf at the ten closest stores to the brewery, or order them per can to your closest store.

The release date is the 1st of June, which means it’s just in time for summer. And I know we’re all hoping for a warm summer this year, so don’t miss your orders 😉

A can of Beerbliotek "A Moment of Clarity, GBG Beer Week 2017".
A Hop aromatic taste with a gentle bitterness, hints of Mango, Passion Fruit, Grapefruit Peel, Pine Needles and Pineapple.
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And finally…

Thank you to everyone who came past at the Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival, our biggest tap takeover ever in Stockholm at Bishops Arms Hornsgatan, as well as during this weekend’s events at our Tap Room. All of us that were travelling made it home safe, and we’re happy with the feedback we have received. It looks like it was a great week and weekend.


That’s it from us for this week. Until next week.

Keep well.


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Find our beers in Sweden.

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Visit our Systembolaget page, to see the entire range. All of them can be bought can buy in-store at certain stores, or you can order them to your closest store via Systembolaget.se.

Folköl (Low ABV Beers)

On our Folköl page you can see our entire assortment, as well as the Stores & Supermarkets, such as ICA & Hemköp that stock them across Sweden. When our Tap Room is open every second weekend, you can also come past to buy them directly from us. We always have a 4-pack or 6-pack available.

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Find our beers in Internationally.


Have a look at the beers from our Standard Assortment, or the new beers from our Special Assortment.

If you’d like to get hold of our beers from the distributors, then get in touch, and we’ll link them up with you. If you’re keen to distribute our beer in your country, then get in touch, and we can discuss possibilities with you.

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