About Us

And a little bit of our history too

We are Beerbliotek

A Craft Brewery founded in Gothenburg (Sweden) by four friends from different parts of the world.

Our brewing philosophy is simple… keep brewing new beers that we, ourselves, would want to drink.

Our name is derived from the Latin word bibliothēca, meaning library, or a collection of books. A Beerbliotek, for us, would then mean a beer library, or a collection of beer.

All of our products have a number on them. This number represents the number of different beers we have brewed. Although we have a core range, most of them we only brewed once.

At the start of 2019, we started with “I just want you to be normal”, a new Unfiltered Lager, which is #239.

Our first beer was a Black Ale Chilli, a Black IPA with a bit of a kick. That is the beer that got us started. Hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the journey with us.

Our History

What has happened since the start, and along the way.

Adam & Richard start homebrewing in 2011 and invites Darryl to join. At the end of 2012 Anders joins and together we start Beerbliotek and order the brewkit.


The sign goes up and we move into our brewery at Sockerbruket. The brewery gets installed and on February 19 we brew our first beer, “Black Ale Chilli”. In total we brew 43 new beers in our first year and also export our first pallet to Holland. In June “Bobek Citra” goes to Systembolaget in Sweden, and we brew our first collaboration with All in Brewing, “Mosaic is the new black Pale Ale”.


We start the year by expanding, rent a bigger warehouse next door and buy four more 1200L fermentation tanks. There’s more exports, this time to Portugal. Our 50th beer gets brewed, another collaboration with All in Brewing, “Ales in Wineland”. The year ends off with another expansion as Gary & Niklas joins our brewery.


Beer number 100 gets brewed, a Belgian Barley Wine. We update our brand, with a total refresh of colour and design on our labels and move to our second, much bigger brewery in Kungssten. The first beer we brew there was called “Back to the Future”, brewed on 21 September. The year ends off with some designs for new cans.


Beer number 150 gets released, “2016 is so 2015” a Barley Wine and we brew the first in our Berliner Weisse range, called “I lost my cherry by the salty sea”. We buy a canning line from Wild Goose Canning, and towards the end of 2016 we can our first beer, “Single Hop Mosaic”. The whole brewery goes on a cross country roadtrip from Gothenburg to Stockholm and we end off the year by opening our Brewery Tap Room.


We get asked to do the official GBG Beer Week beer for 2017, and we decide on a Session IPA, calling it “A moment of clarity”. Beer number 200 gets brewed, an Oat Stout, “Still haven’t found what you looking for?”. We win three awards at the Gothenburg Porter Festival and end the year off expanding again with the purchase of two 5000L fermentation tanks.


Our 5th year celebration is held and we release 10,000 cans of our first beer, Black Ale Chilli, at Systembolaget. We get invited to Borefts Beer Festival, where it all started for us as a group of friends with an interest in beer. The year ends off with brewing beer number 240 and canning it all in our brand new branded white cans, and two more investors join our brewery.


We start the year by joining forces with Cask Sweden, in order to get more beer to our Swedish consumers.

Some photos

Here is our Kungssten Brewery and Tap Room.