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#161 Man goes crazy for peaches

In our fifth Berliner you can expect notes of rose pepper complementing the mango and peach. It’s basically a summer cocktail, which will make a (wo)man go crazy for peaches.

#156 What’s better than roses on your piano?

In this, our fourth Berliner, we added Hibiscus, Lavender and Elderflower for a floral tasting Berliner.

#151 What’s the difference between Marmalade and Jam?

In this, our third Berliner, we added Raspberries and Mint, for a strong aroma of Mint and a fresh fruity finish. For answers to questions such as the difference between marmalade & jam, you'll have to ask us at festivals.

#144 I lost my cherry by the salty sea

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they lose something they can never get back. This beer is dedicated to everyone who has suffered such a loss.

#143 A Passion for Gingers

Passion fruit & ginger Sour Ale. Fruity & tangy. Tart & refreshing.

#140 Berliner Wise-Guy

This wise-guy is a low ABV* beer, where the souring and malt profile deliver a slight lemon flavour and a delicate sourness. *Alcohol by volume.