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#339 What we brew in the shadows

Dark & hoppy with a bitter punch.

#253 Brutish the barber Beefcake

Are Brut IPAs putting a sleeper hold on New England IPAs and will this be a clean cut to a new order? Will both survive or will one of them be crowned IPA king? Wrestle your way over to for more info.

#212 Feeding the birds and hoping for something in return


#192 Colonial Hipster

In the early days, there was no place for haze, but without delay, it became all the rage. No filters get used, no palates abused, a beer for all, not just colonial hipster dudes. For more rhymes visit

#184 Alternative Fact* Beetroot is the new Hops

Collaborations are an integral part of our brewing philosophy. And you know we didn’t beet around the bush when our friends from AF Brew came to town. This Imperial Gose is filled with Beetroot, Lemon peel, Coriander seeds and a suspicious black ingredient they said was Salt.

#170 Sabotage

Colaborations are an integral part of our brewing philosophy. This time around our good friend Olle, from O|O Brewing, came by to brew something a little different.