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#361 I have fallen in the forest, did you hear me?

Bold, hoppy, with a balanced bitterness.

#288 Satsumas for the boomers

We understand that back in your day a Mandarin could only be labelled a Mandarin, but things have changed. At Beerbliotek we choose to accept and love without labels. We love all Citrus at

#284 There is still no cure for the common birthday

Getting older doesn’t have to be bad. This year, for example, we got to hang out with our buddies from L.A. and brew a beer. Pretty good, huh? Say hi at or

#280 You can lead a horse to water but you cant make them enjoy the view

A horse walks up to a watering hole and the person standing there asks, “Why the long name?” We love long beer names at

#256 Gentle Giant

This beer, a collaboration with the Giants of the Canadian brewing scene, is a double IPA that quietly walks over, sits down and gently smashes you in your face. Can art is a thing at &

#200 Still not found what you looking for?

This Oat Stout has travelled over the highest mountains as well as through the fields, only to be with you... only to be with you.

#199 Du luktar lite som första gången jag träffade dig

This beer is dedicated to Viktor Näslund, one of our best mates. He’s been with us from the start and has been a true supporter. Thanks buddy. Glädje. Read more at

#149 In with the New

Our first beer for 2016 and the first double IPA in the new Kungsten Brewery, gives a very hoppy beer, with a malt base enhanced with wheat and oats.

#127 Cross Eye Coffee Rye

Collaborations are an integral part of our brewing philosophy. We teamed up with our friends at Rådanäs Bryggeri to create a beer with enough flavour to leave you cross eyed.

#086 Double IPA Galaxy

Beerbliotek is a small batch brewery in the cultural heart of Gothenburg. We strive to produce exciting, unfiltered and unpasteurised beers of the highest quality. Being a small batch brewery, we are able to brew new and exciting recipes on a regular basis. So make sure you keep an eye out for more beer i our extensive library.

#084 Day & Night DIPA


#044 Mocha Latte Stout

Mocha Latte Stout, a combination of everything we love in Stouts, Coffee and Chocolate! This one is not Vegan, but it's delicious, and creamy!

#044.1 Mocha Latte Stout Double Shot Vanilla

Way back, when our brewers Adam and Richard owned a café they hated people asking for Vanilla in their coffee. Oh how the times have changed!! This Coffee & Vanilla Stout is brewed for the drinking pleasure of everyone involved in our Member’s Club.