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#378 Storkovan

Robust, Citrusy and Deep

#338 Before the tide comes in

Pale, tropical fruit & a touch of pine.

#309 Am I not bitter enough

Am I not bitter enough - a Double IPA Loaded with Citra, this aggressively hopped, golden and clear DIPA leads with pungent piney aromas and hints of bubble gum, orange peel and a wee bit of peach on the nose. Hits you with a refreshing, dry and hoppy bitterness, ending with a fruity punch.

#291 Back to the middle and ’round again

Our brewers really enjoy brewing new beers, or playing with variations in a style. In this case they’re going back to the middle and ‘round again to pay homage to the classic Red IPA. Make your way ’round to

#238 Guerillas in our midst

This majestic beer is jammers with coffee & chocolate, pleasing the palate of any queen, conquering their royal nose with its princely aromas. Definitely not an Imperial Stout. Get more at or

#141 International Men of Mystery


#095 Baltic Porter

An opaque black beer with brown head, aromas of orange peel, liquorice, hazelnut and soya a good way! Full bodied, roasty and thick. Will age well.

#083 Night & Day Black DIPA


#046 Man In The Moon Double IPA

Beerbliotek is a small batch brewery in the cultural heart of Gothenburg. We strive to produce exciting, unfiltered and unpasteurised beers of the highest quality. Being a small batch brewery, we are able to brew new and exciting recipes on a regular basis. So make sure you keep an eye out for more beer i our extensive library.

#015 Double IPA Centennial Cascade Columbus

We wanted to make a dry, hoppy Double IPA (India Pale Ale) to show off some tasty American hops, Centennial, Cascade, Columbus & Citra. Big & fruity!