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Beer Release # 181. A moment of Clarity. Session IPA.

A can packshot of A Moment of Clarity, the Session IPA brewed by Beerbliotek Craft Brewery in Sweden.
A can packshot of A moment of Clarity, a Session IPA brewed by Swedish Brewery Beerbliotek from Gothenburg.
When we were asked to brew the official GBG Beer Week beer for 2017, it was like suddenly understanding something… A Moment of Clarity. How could we go wrong? We are only following in the footsteps of one of Sweden’s best ever beers

We first brewed this beer in 2017, in recognition of the great work being done by our peers in the Gothenburg beer scene. We wanted to create a beer that was sessionable and accessible, to everyone.

A Hop aromatic taste with a gentle bitterness, hints of Mango, Passion Fruit, Grapefruit Peel, Pine Needles and Pineapple.

Here’s an interview Madison, our Tap Room Manager, did with Adam, our head of brewery Operations.

Madison: Why does beerbliotek keep brewing this beer?

Adam: “I guess there are a few reasons. First, it’s a beer we are very proud of. Second, it’s a beer that continues to sell well. And third, it’s a beer that has big flavours at 4.7%.”

M: Has the recipe changed from the original made in 2017 for the official GBG Beer Week beer?

A: “The beer is very much as to the original. Apart frp, a change in yeast strain. And some batches use mosaic cryo hops instead of standard hop pallets.”

M: Where can we get it? (Look out for Tap Room lists updated every week)

A: You can get it throughout Sweden via the monopoly. And it’s available to order to any store by the can.”

M: Have you had a recent moment of clarity? What have you suddenly understood recently about this beer or anything in life?

A: “Haha. How deep should we go?! Each time we package it i’m surprised by the aroma. It really packs a punch! Fruity, floral and dank.”