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Beer Release #299. Bockstreet’s Bock, Alright! – Maibock.

A marketing can packshot of Bockstreet’s Bock, Alright! A Maibock, brewed in Gothenburg, by Swedish Craft Brewery Beerbliotek.

The perfect transitional brew to enjoy between seasons.

In a world full of over-the-top hoppy beers, we decided it was time for our brewers to go back to Classics and brew a style that we, ourselves, want to drink. Introducing Bockstreet’s Bock, Alright!

A well balanced, honey-coloured, medium bodied beer with a bold malt base. Bready sourdough rye aromas and sweet toffee, caramel biscuit notes in the mouth. Sun blushed fruit and orange peel from selected German hops, Mandarina Bavaria and Hallertau Mittelfruh, balances the smooth sweet finish. With a mild bitterness, and a light alcohol warming sensation, this is designed for slowing down. 

This is part of a series where our brewers take on the challenge to revisit the classics and brew traditional styles exactly as they should be brewed. This is number two in the series, following on from Mild mannered, an English Mild Ale. And only our second Bock. More bang for your Bock was our first Bock, beer number #148, brewed way back on 28 january 2016, which means we brewed 150 other beers and styles in between.

The label in this series is our traditional diamond shapes, but treated to appear like a stained glass window, to give these beers a more traditional look, and with the paper label, a more traditional feel.

Text on the label.

Brewing über traditional beer styles is tricky. This series is about meeting the demands of the craft we love whilst letting the beer do the singing.

Style Maibock

ABV  6.8%