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Beer release Gentle Giant #256. – A Double IPA



Gentle Giant


A collaboration with our friends from All In Brewing, together with Canadian brewery Collective Arts.

A DDH Double IPA combining the dank, resiny flavours of Columbus and Simcoe with the gentle mango and pineapple aromas of Mosaic hops. We used a light malt profile of Extra Pale base malt with a touch of Golden Naked Oats to create a rounded, slightly nutty, creaminess to accentuate the intensely hoppy aroma and flavour. A balanced water profile and a clean west-coast style yeast to dry it out leaving minimal residual sweetness and a pleasant lingering bitterness on the pallet. A dank Double IPA with flavours of stone fruit, peaches and some pineapple. Ending off with a pleasant hop burn.

This beer, a collaboration with the Giants of the Canadian brewing scene, is a double IPA that quietly walks over, sits down and gently smashes you in your face. Can art is a thing at &

Brew date: 2018-05-18
Style: IPA
Alc: 8,0%


We are Beerbliotek


A Craft Brewery founded in Gothenburg (Sweden) by four friends from different parts of the world. Our brewing philosophy is simple… keep brewing new beers that we, ourselves, would want to drink.

Our name is derived from the Latin word bibliothēca, meaning library, or a collection of books. A Beerbliotek, for us, would then mean a beer library, or a collection of beer.

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