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Beer Release #285. West Coast IPA.

A can packshot of West Coast IPA, with a blue background, an IPA from Swedish Brewery Beerbliotek.

Gothenburg is on the West Coast of Sweden, and making a West Coast IPA was always in the plans. Our designer even had this label ready just in case.

A clear modern West Coast IPA. The aroma is zesty, with classic Grapefruit and Orange Peel, along with some Pine and soft herbal tones. The flavour has most of the classic peel tones alongside cherry fruit candy from the light caramel malts. There is a pronounced bitterness and the finish is very crisp.

Text on the label. The West Coast of Sweden has a special place in the hearts of many of the people at our brewery. Now, through this beer, we are sharing that love with you.

Style IPA

ABV 6,5%