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Eternal Darkness heads back to Systembolaget

A can packshot of the award winning Eternal Darkness, an Imperial Stout brewed by Swedish Craft Brewery Beerbliotek in Gothenburg.
A can packshot of Eternal Darkness, an award winning Imperial Stout, brewed by Swedish Craft Brewery Beerbliotek.

As a brewery we have always tried to brew new kinds of beers or variations of the same style. But sometimes an old favourite makes a comeback.

Eternal Darkness is part of our core range, but for obvious reasons one sells less of an Imperial Stout during the summer months, than during the winter months with those long hours of eternal darkness.

On the 1st of October Eternal Darkness will be back on the shelves, and available to order to your closest store. It’s malty, nuanced, a sweet taste with hints of pumpernickel, dark chocolate & syrup, there’s also some prunes, coffee, dried dates and tobacco.

Text on the label. The winter nights in Sweden are long, dark and cold. This beer has been brewed to keep you company through those hours of eternal darkness.

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Style Imperial Stout

ABV 11,0%