Beer in glasses at Haket, one of Beerbliotek's favourite bar and restaurant in Gothenburg.

Beerbliotek’s Guide to Gothenburg Bars & Restaurants

Gothenburg is known as the beer capital of Sweden. We think rightly so! We’re grateful to have a thriving beer scene with some of the best craft breweries in the world, along with an engaged community who have a thirst for hand crafted beer. Plus, great bars & restaurants who offer an ever expanding selection of craft beers. So, we want to guide you to our favourite Gothenburg Bars & Restaurants, who have supported us over the years.

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Adam Axelsson and Oliver Bull, two owners of Hasselssons - a seafood restaurant Pop Up in Majorna, Gothenburg. They have collaborated with Beerbliotek, a Swedish Craft Brewery to make their Hasselssons Li'l Pils beer.


Like all good stories, Hasselssons began with three childhood friends, who were determined to make their dream of working together come true. Adam Axelsson and Oliver Bull, two out of the three co-owners, define their concept as “fast food from the ocean”. Hasselssons is a Pop-up Seafood restaurant famous for their fish and chips. But it’s much more than their well-known fish and chips, you could say they have transformed into a lifestyle, and it is only just the beginning.

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Brewers Beer Bar

This week we had our first virtual catch up with our great friends, Brewers Beer Bar, who  have been one of our best customers over the years. It has always been a home away from home for Beerbliotek, and is one of the first places we ring when we have a new beer to release. Aside from that, it is also the most likely place to find Richard, propping up the bar and annoying the staff late on a Thursday evening, on one of his “I’m just going for a quick beer after work” pub crawl. We chat about what Brewers is to us and them, the fun joint Tap Takeovers we’ve had, and of course Supporting your locals.

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Majornas Bryggeri

This week we are shining the light on Majorna Bryggeri, a small Swedish brewery with a passion for the culture and community in Craft beer, that led to becoming Gothenburg’s first Brewpub. As it happens, as of last weekend their brewery pub is now one year old. So on their one year anniversary, we met up with Johan Lundin to share our love of Gothenburg’s diverse beer culture, their idea behind introducing a brewpub to Sweden, and of course Supporting your locals.

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Restaurant Piga

This week we crossed the river to Restaurant Piga, one of our longest and most loyal customers. They do good quality, seasonal based Swedish food that has a modern touch to it. Each staff member is an expert in their field, they know what they have and what they do best. Somehow they manage to get it right for you every time. So when you visit Piga, sit back and relax, and let them take care of you. We talk over with Majsan what Piga is all about, our history, their ‘The Day Laborer’ concept, and of course Supporting your locals.

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This week we walked down the road from our brewery to catch up with the wonderful people at Tapasbaren. We sat down at our favourite corner table in their new enclosed outdoor seating area, taking in the warm and calm ambience with a view through the windows onto the charming streets of Majorna.

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