Beerbliotek Event Preposterous Pils Promenad

Preposterous Pils Promenad

Join us on Friday for our Preposterous Pils Promenad across Gothenburg. At 4pm we start at our Brewery Tap Room and then head to The Red Lion for a pint of Preposterous Pils. From there our team will head off in different directions across Gothenburg, stopping off at any and all of the following pubs.

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Madison Simpson, from Beerbliotek, and Connie Dickinson, from Yakima Chief Hops, taking part in the GLOWALONG project 2021. Created by organisation G.L.O.W - The Global Ladies of Wort. The collaboration beer is a Kveik IPA, brewed by Beerbliotek, a Swedish Craft Brewery based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

GLOW-along 2021

GLOW-along is our collaboration with G.L.O.W. & Yakima Chief Hops. This Kveik IPA is part of a collective brew project, created by G.L.O.W. to tackle gender bias in the brewing industry, and give back to the community. We used a special GLOW Community Hop Selection (YCH Loral, Sorachi Ace, HBC 472 Cryo) and one local ingredient. We chose Swedish Sugar Kelp (Sockertång), sourced from sustainable Swedish coastal Seafarms.

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Beerbliotek Craft Brewery, Christmas lunch 2020, beer recommendations for a Swedish Christmas dinner table (Julbord).

The Beerbliotek Brewers pick their favourite two beers for the perfect Swedish Christmas Lunch (Julbord).

If there’s only two beers you buy for your Swedish Christmas Dinner, then our team here at Beerbliotek, has paired them perfectly for your Christmas table. Over the next couple of days we’ll start adding more and more photos, paired together with the two beers of our choice. Follow me into the dark, a low ABV Porter, and Back to the middle and ’round again, our brewery team’s tribute to the Red IPA.

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