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These beers have been brewed in the last 12 months or so, or are still in production. Most are in short supply. Get them wherever and whenever you can.


There’s still no cure for the common birthday


Double IPA
ABV 8,0%


Collaboration with Three Weavers. Getting older doesn’t have to be bad. This year, for example, we got to hang out with our buddies from L.A. and brew a beer. Pretty good, huh?


Don’t you look so surprised, Happy Birthday, Trucker!


New England IPA
ABV 7,0%


Collaboration with Brewski. A spicy aroma of Lavender, Coconut and Pineapple. Spicy, more than fruity aroma from the Sabro hops. The flavour is also more spicy with some Vanilla and Pineapple. It has a very soft mouthfeel and a low bitterness which lingers in your mouth.


Fancy meeting you here


New England Session IPA
ABV 5,0%


Collaboration with North Brewing Co. A nose filled with florals, peaches and definitely citrus, all of them flowing nicely into the flavour. Very peachy, with a hint of melon. Pillowy soft mouthfeel and fruit flavours that linger in your mouth well into the next sip.


What’s the story morgon glory?


Oat Stout with Tarrazu Coffee
ABV 5,6%


Collaboration with Morgon Coffee Roasters. Coffee aroma blended with sweet roasted malts. Some Chilli fruit, raspberries and Caramel. The taste is delicious, with a light and clean body. The flavour has some berries alongside a slight tobacco tone. The coffee is not as pronounced as in the smell, but there’s some nuttiness there, to end off with a soft mouth feel and a clean finish.


It’s 4-way or the highway


German Pale Ale
ABV 5,3%


Collaboration with All in Brewing, FrauGruber & Freigeist Bierkultur. 4 way. 4 breweries. Their ideas, their wills, this was always going to be an easy beer to make. Fruity esters from the yeast and citrusy tones from the hops are built on top of a malt body in the aroma, with a fairly pronounced grassy bitterness, reminiscent of a lager. Hopped with Hallertau Blanc, Cascade and Citra keeping traditional lager tones with a modern twist.


They’re playing our song


New England IPA
ABV 7,5%


Collaboration with Finback. As usual, we’ve made friends with these world-beaters at festivals over beers. And as usual, there’s music and dancing involved. And everytime, they’ve been playing our song.

Fruity, sweet and citrusy. Big hop aromas of stone fruit, pineapple and zest with a blend of fruity sweet tones make this 7,5% NEIPA dangerously easy to drink. Golden Naked Oats leave a grainy sweetness, and a smooth, velvety mouthfeel.


I woke up woke this morning


Mango, Melon, Passion Fruit & Strawberry Gose
ABV 6,3%


Collaboration with Dry & Bitter. This deep golden Gose bursts with sweet, tropical fruit cocktail aromas. It’s a tart, fruity mash of Mango, Melon, Passion Fruit and Strawberry with a salty kick. The salt balances and transforms the palette from all things tropical, sweet and juicy into a complex savoury experience making you thirsty for more.


How’s one meant to grow when walls keep caving in?


Coconut Milk IPA
ABV 6,9%


Collaboration with WhiteFrontier. Some people can moonwalk, some people can breakdance and some people can even go bananas. Chris from WhiteFrontier can do the Tuberman.

A can of Gentle Giant, a Double IPA brewed in collaboration with Swedish Craft Breweries Beerbliotek and All in Brewing along with Canadian Brewery Collective Arts.

Gentle Giant


Double IPA
ABV 8,0%


Collaboration with Collective Arts. This beer, a collaboration with the Giants of the Canadian brewing scene, is a double IPA that quietly walks over, sits down and gently smashes you in your face.


Milli Vanilla


ABV 6,1%


Collaboration with LOC and All In Brewing. How do you make a number one hit in a decade full of one hit wonders? Well you fake it. This Vanilla beer is made with real Vanillin.


A moment of tranquillity


New England IPA (NEIPA)
ABV 7,0%


A collaboration with our friends All In Brewing where instead of creating a new beer, we created a hybrid of two of our most popular beers, A moment of Clarity and Dank Tranquillity.


Donker and Ved


Barrel aged Imperial Stout
ABV 11,5%


Collaboration with Brouwerij De Molen. This follow up to our original Imperial Stout “Donker och Deadly” spent over nine months in Cognac barrels, to make it a lot thicker, sweeter, lucious.


Shakes fist angrily


Cascadian Dark Ale with Orange Peel
ABV 9,5%


Collaboration with Borefts 2018. We’re honoured being invited as a brewery to Borefts 2018 at De Molen, where we’ve been many times before. It’s the festival that set the dream of starting our brewery.

A can packshot of Better late than never, a New England IP collaboration between Swedish Craft brewery Beerbliotek and Scottish Brewery Six degrees North.

Better late than never


New England IPA
ABV 6,8%


Collaboration with Six°North. Travelling to different countries & making new friends is how it all started with Six°North. Our second collaboration is a New England IPA with big hits like Citra & Ekuanot.


Donker och Deadly


Imperial Stout
ABV 11,2%


Collaboration with Brouwerij De Molen. Collaborations are an integral part of our brewing philosophy and Brouwerij De Molen has always been a shining light in our exploration as a brewery. The name means dark and deadly, made up of the three languages we speak, Dutch, Swedish and English.

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