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GLOW-along 2021

Madison Simpson, from Beerbliotek, and Connie Dickinson, from Yakima Chief Hops, taking part in the GLOWALONG project 2021. Created by organisation G.L.O.W - The Global Ladies of Wort. The collaboration beer is a Kveik IPA, brewed by Beerbliotek, a Swedish Craft Brewery based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

We brewed a Kveik IPA called GLOW-along, part of a collective brew project to tackle gender bias in the brewing industry & give back to the community. Brewed using G.L.O.W. & Yakima Chief Hops Community Hop selection—YCH Loral, Sorachi Ace, HBC 472 Cryo—and one local ingredient. We chose Swedish Sugar Kelp (Sockertång), sourced from sustainable Swedish coastal Seafarms. Together, through this beer, we donated to a local charity: Naturskyddsforeningen.


See the beer here: #318 GLOW-along, Kveik IPA.


A two can marketing packshot of Beer Number 318 Glow-along by Beerbliotek. A Swedish Craft Brewery based in Gothenburg, Sweden. This Kveik IPA is a collaboration with Yakima Chief Hops and All In Brewing.
Label designed by Madison Simpson (beerbliotek + G.L.O.W. member).

Let’s talk about Hops

The hop giant we all know and love, Yakima Chief Hops, are on a mission to give back to the community by connecting family hop farms to the world’s finest brewers.

We chose to brew with YCH Loral, Sorachi Ace and HBC 472 CryoHops, as their combination of flavours (coconut, tropical, fruity, herbal and floral) balances perfectly with the unami characteristics, from the Sugar Kelp. These three hops are part of a new hop blend in development for the YCH Community project, aimed at the greater good. Something for you to look out for!

Let’s talk about Sugar Kelp (Sockertång)

As a Gothenburg based brewery, we’re inspired by our West Coast surroundings. We picked to brew something local that we’ve never used before: Swedish Sugar Kelp (Svensk Sockertång). Sourced from an organic seaweed company called Nordic Seafarm, in their sustainable Seafarms along the coast in Sweden. Check them out to learn all about the positive impact Swedish Sugar Kelp has on the environment and our daily lives.


Donating to a local charity

Yakima Chief Hops will donated €10 from each kilogram of hops bought for this brew, to our charity of choice, which we matched. This goes for each brewery participating! 

We chose NaturskyddsforeningenThe Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. Specifically, their Gift To The Sea campaign. There would be no life on this planet without water, let alone beer. Likewise with our choice of Sugar Kelp, water and the oceans are very important to us as a brewery. As we use a huge amount of water each day to brew, it’s good to give back

G.L.O.W. - Global Ladies of Wort Logo.

G.L.O.W. are a cross-borders brewing organisation founded in Copenhagen, since 2019.

They created a collective project called “GLOWALONG” to invite breweries to brew, share and discuss G.L.O.W.’s vision & mission: to tackle gender bias in the brewing industry. Through taking part in these world-wide collaborations, we can actively support & celebrate women and minorities in our industry.