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Eternal Dankness is joining us again at the All In Beer Fest, while we’ll also be squeezing in three collaborations in a busy, busy week – Biweekly Brewery Update

During this busy week we’ll be brewing three collaborations, with Brouwerij de Molen, Norway Brewing Company and Örebro Brygghus, while this weekend we’ll release the 2017 edition of our Imperial IPA Eternal Dankness, at the All In Beer Fest.

Introducing Eternal Dankness 2017.

Available during the All In Beer Fest.

We’re very lucky to live in Sweden, and Gothenburg in particular. Not really for the weather, but for the great festivals we have here in this town and also the top notch breweries that serve their beers in and around town.

One of our favourite Festivals is the All In Beer Fest, organised by All In Brewing. They always invite fantastic breweries from around the world and it’s especially good because it seems as if all breweries brings their greatest beers along.

So too with us. In 2015 we brewed our first Imperial IPA. That’s to say an IPA over 9%. We called it Eternal Dankness, because it’s icky and sweet and dank. The name was an association with another high ABV beer we brewed a few weeks before, an Imperial Stout called Eternal Darkness.

Since 2015 we’ve made it a tradition to only brewing Eternal Dankness for the All In Beer Fest, which is now less than a week away. The 2017 version is tropical and dangerously easy to drink.

The label has also been updated to suit this version and in a white labelled can.

There’s still some tickets available if you’re interested in the All In Beer fest. If you don’t know anything about All In Brewing then they’re a Swedish west coast brewery located in Gothenburg. They’re owned and operated by a bunch of creative people from around the globe with the goal to produce the best beers in the world. Check them out at

Three Collaborations

With three great breweries.

Collaborations are an integral part of our brewing philosophy. Since the start we’ve always welcomed other breweries to brew with us as we experiment with recipes and ingredients to build our beer library. 27, that’s how many brewery collaborations we have done so far, which means at the end of this week, we would have reached 30 collaborations. 21 has been brewed at our our two breweries, Kungssten & Sockerbruket, while the others at the other breweries.

On Thursday we host the great Dutch brewery De Molen at our Kungssten Brewery. And yes, it’ll be an Imperial Stout, more we’re not saying anything more, except the name will be Donker och Deadly. It’s in the three languages we all speak, Dutch, Swedish and English.

Brouwerij de Molen is in Bodegraven, in the Netherlands. Their craft beer brewery, which they started in 2004 at the historical windmill De Arkduif along the Oude Rijn river, is renowned worldwide. Their main brewery has now moved further up the street but they still create smaller batches of craft beer, at what they call the mill, Brouwcafé de Molen, a beer focused restaurant and an excellent beer shop and tasting room.

On Friday it’s the turn of Norway Brewing Company to join the fray. The beer we’re brewing is a Brown Ale. No if you know our head brewers Adam & Richard, then you’ll know Brown Ales is not their thing. So this should be a fun day. The name is not set yet, so if you want to email that might suit, then please do.

Norway Brewing Company is a family owned microbrewery and if you’re ever in the area they have a welcoming and family friendly taproom open year-round, as well as a spacious beer garden during the warmer months. They brew their own beer and their food is hand-made and tailored to suit the season.

Saturday it’s the Swedish brewery Örebro Brygghus which will join the party. And it’ll be a Coffee IPA and the name is nearly set. Since we started we’ve done a few beers with coffee ourselves and as collaborations, so it’s nothing new, but it’s been a while. So we’re looking forward to this.

Örebro Brygghus is a small craft brewery that opened in June 2016 and is located at Aspholmen in Örebro. Their total focus is on quality, while they aim to brew crafty and tasty beers, based on tradition and trend. Basically beers that they like themselves.

Aged Strong Ales

Went down a treat at the Brewery Tap Room.

A month ago we released our 200th beer. That’s basically one new beer every eight days since we started four and a half years ago. That’s the reason all of our beers have a number next to the name. Some of them we brew again, others not so much.

This past weekend at the Tap Room we released three aged Strong Ales at our Brewery Tap Room. Strong Ales is a term we use when referring to Barley Wines, Wheat Wines and Oat Wines. Anything over 10% basically. Strong.

These three, #049, #076 and #150 are all between two and three years old. All aged in the bottle. Ales in Wineyland and the Wheat Wine were brewed in 2014 whereas 2016 is so 2015 was brewed in 2015, but packaged in 2016. Although one big draw card of our Tap Room is the fresh beer we have available all the time, aged beer adds a different dimension to the whole Craft Beer experience.

Those we managed to speak to during the weekend really seemed to appreciate both dimension, and the opportunity to be able to drink a very limited supply of aged Strong Ales. just a few boxes left, which will be available again at another Tap Room weekend in 2018, in case you missed out.

Some News.

World wine output set to fall to lowest since 1961.

“PARIS (Reuters) – Global wine production this year is set to fall to its lowest level since 1961 after harsh weather in western Europe damaged vineyards in the world’s largest production area, international wine body OIV said on Tuesday.

Global output is expected to fall to 246.7 million hectolitres in 2017, down 8 percent from last year, the Paris-based International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) said in its first estimates for the year.”

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And finally.

GBG Beer Week 2017 in more stores soon.

GBG Beer Week is a grassroots driven initiative. For the people, by the people. Which is why we wanted to celebrate the diversity of the Gothenburg beer scene by creating a beer that is very drinkable and accessible to everyone. 2017, however is nearly over, so it’s nealry time to end the association with the GBG Beer Week 2017 brand, and just call the beer A Moment of Clarity.

In Sweden the beer is selling really well, and we decided to keep on producing it. If you’d like to see it on the shelves of your local Systembolaget store, then by some more. The more you buy during November the better chance we have at qualifying in to more store in December and into 2018.


That’s it from us for this week. Until next time.

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