Beerbliotek. Bands in the brewery. Tunn is presents Divers & Bongo Riot.

Join us in our brewery Tap Room for a special appearance by Divers & Bongo Riot, presented by Tunn is. Good food, fresh beer and awesome music means only one thing, Good Times.

Gothenburg-based Divers is a band that embraces the dull and the music that exists in a shadowy landscape. The sound image is heavy and driven. Impressive! After years of parallel collaborations, the new Divers members have merged into one whole and now meet in alternative rock with experimental, psychedelic and suggestive elements. The influences from Joy Divison, PJ Harvey and Nick Cave shine through, but the band has a clear own direction with lyrics diving into the dark to look for light. Lina Horner-vocals, Hans Olsson-keys, John Lönnmyr-keys, Erik Ivarsson-guitar, Viktor Turegard-bass and Johan Jansson-drums.

Bongo Riot
Bongo Riot from Gothenburg, Sweden is the unholy alliance between percussion (Finn Björnulfson), drums (Labbe Grimelund) and electronic elements. Their ambition is to bridge the musical gap between Rio, Manchester and Gothenburg by creating a positive rhythm based riot. They have played together for 20 years with one of Sweden’s most popular artists Håkan Hellström and are two of Sweden’s best and most experienced live musicians. If you are longing for something extraordinary, be sure not to miss this musical explosion of energy.

Date: 29 October 2022
Time: 19h00 
Address: Varholmsgatan 4, 414 74 Göteborg
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