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Gothenburg Beer Week 2015

In keeping with our theme for Gothenburg Beer Week, Collaborations, we are brewing our second collab for the week, this time with our brewing brothers from Brekeriet and Beavertown.

As for the Gothenburg Öl & Whiskey Mässan, we will have 6 beers on tap, and one served straight from a Barrel. All collaborations as well. These are:

*Ales In Wineyland-Strong Ale brewed with All In Brewing

*Raisin’ Hell-Imperial Brown Ale with Raisins brewed with Dugges

*Pot Belly Homebrew No.1 IPA-IPA brewed with Pot Belly Brewshop and Jonas Barlind

*Baltic Porter in Mackmyra Barrel-Aged in Mackmyra Whisky Barrel

*Brewers In Arms-IPL brewed with Nils Oscar

*Unperial Stout-Stout at 3.4% brewed with Dugges and Da Matteo

*Dalarado Imperail Stout- Imperial Stout brewed with Dalarado Brewery