Jeremy Batt, who really loves Sake

This week we’re catching up with Jeremy Batt, who is fairly new to the world of Craft Beer, but is for sure a fast learner. He joined us in 2019 as our packaging dude and delivery guy, and swiftly made his way towards becoming our Canning Operator guru and Warehouse Administrator. We’re lucky to have him.

Although Jeremy is from Brisbane, Australia, he spent most of his adult life in Asia. As a kid he was always interested in Japan, mostly from Anime and other nerdy things. After getting a Degree in Asian Business, he got to live his longtime dream of living in Japan. When he’s not busy running the canning line, he will most likely be playing games at home whilst wearing 1 out of his 6 Batman pyjamas. Either that or he is making his own Sake.

So, how did you end up doing what you do at Beerbliotek?

I’m the youngest one here in terms of getting into Craft Beer, but I had an interest in it and wanted to learn more about it. After moving to Gothenburg, the Scandinavian beer capital, I set out to start a new adventure at a brewery. Luckily Beerbliotek accepted my email. Why the move to Sweden? For a new start with my Swedish Wife, who I met in Japan. Yes, I moved to Japan to find love and ended up marrying a Swede.

Did you know of Beerbliotek before you moved to Sweden?

No, I didn’t know of any Swedish Craft Breweries! I’m still learning a lot about Swedish and European Breweries. I got really interested in Craft Beer at my first beer festival in Kyoto, where I got to try styles I never knew existed. I had been to Sake festivals before, but this was a different experience for me.

When you’re not at work, what do you like to do?

Right now I’m making Sake. I spend way too much time with my cat, Gösta. But mostly board games with friends whilst drinking my favourite Beerbliotek beer, Here comes the Sun.

Final question then, when you’re not dreaming about beer, what are you dreaming about?

I’m dreaming about Sake, board games or the collapse of all civilisation and living in the mountains.

If you want to try Jeremy’s favourite beer, Here comes the sun, that he packed, or the Better late than never, modelled by his handsome cat, Götsta, make your way here.