Linda Bengtström, our latest brewery helper.

Linda Bengtström, interning at Beerbliotek, a Swedish Craft Beer Brewery in Gothenburg.

Our staff are the reason Beerbliotek is what it is. And what would a brewery be without it’s fair share of interns helping out from time to time?

Introducing Linda Bengtström, who started as an intern with us mid-January, and will be here through to the summer.

She’s studying Brewing Technique at Nynäshamn, and is one of the few Swedes who have earned the title of “Cicerone” after passing the Certified Cicerone exam last year. On top of that she’s the Assistant Manager at BrewDog Göteborg. That’s where she got to know us, and one of the reasons why she’s here. Wish her luck!

Hej Linda! What’s one of your favourite moments from your Beerbliotek internship journey, so far?

Yesterday was a fun day. We were putting Eternal Darkness into barrels. It was my first time seeing the Barrel Ageing process, even from the very start of building the racks to rest the barrels on!

What‘s the most unexpected ?

It’s a very different way of learning from studying and reading from books. Going into an actual brewery is a lot of hard and physical work, much different than sitting in a lecture. I’m 4 weeks in now and everything is starting to fall into place, and make more sense from doing the process.

Linda Bengtström, working at Beerbliotek, a Swedish Craft Beer Brewery in Gothenburg.

Where did you hear about Beerbliotek for the first time?

It must have been way back when I worked at Systembolaget, about 5 years ago. I got to know them a bit more from working at the BrewDog bar here in Gothenburg, especially during their GBG Beer Week Dog Walk events, the bar was packed with dogs and their owners, it was great!

What’s your go-to Beerbliotek beer right now?

When I first started working at BrewDog Göteborg we had Bobek Citra on, it’s still one of my favourite beers. I have to say A Passion for Gingers, too. Not Guilty! The Juice IPA is an old favourite.

Linda Bengtström, tasting beers during the brewing process at Beerbliotek, a Swedish Craft Beer Brewery in Gothenburg.

If you’re living in Sweden, you can get a hold of Linda’s favourite beers and more here. Wherever you are in the world, you can keep up to date with our Barrel Aging project and more on our socials: Instagram, Facebook and our Monthly Newsletter.