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Beer Release Experimental Brew Session IPA No.2 – Coriander and orange

Declan Povey, Beerbliotek's latest intern, brewed a Session IPA, as part of a one-time, limited experimental brew by Beerbliotek, a Swedish Craft Brewery Gothenburg, Sweden.

Here at Beerbliotek, we give our brewery interns an opportunity to design and brew their own recipe, as part of their brewery education with us. Through our side project, which we call Beerbliotek Experimental Brews, they have the freedom to experiment, gain valuable experience, confidence and knowledge on how to work with beer, before they head out into the world.

This Session IPA is a one-time and limited beer release, part of beerbliotek experimental brews, created by Declan. A Session IPA that is not intended to reinvent the wheel, but as a beer to chill out with on a Friday night. Hoppy, flavourful and refreshing with a lower ABV. Addition of coriander and orange to bring forward bright citrus flavours, slight tanginess, some sweetness and spice. Balanced with the right amount of bitterness.

From the creator:

After spending much of my formative years drinking to get drunk, I now enjoy having a beer that I can sit on the sofa with and just enjoy the taste. When I first moved to Sweden in 2017, I took my first look inside a Systembolaget and saw all of these craft IPAs (something that I wouldn’t have seen as much of in the UK outside of a specialist bottle shop). One of the first cans that I bought here was Beerbliotek’s “A moment of Clarity”. This beer quickly became my favourite, and through this I began to appreciate the flavour of a beer instead of the ABV.

I chose to brew a Session IPA inspired by two beers: Beerbliotek A moment of Clarity and Einstök Icelandic White Ale. The aspect of the Einstök that I drew from was the use of coriander seeds and orange peel. I feel these ingredients compliment the other aspects of the beer by giving it a light tanginess and aftertaste. I’ve been informed that Beerbliotek actually brewed an IPA with coriander and orange peel at 7.5% called Square peg, round hole. After tasting that beer, I decided a sessionable version would be nice. It will be my first creation and it is not my intention to reinvent the wheel, but to create a beer to chill out with on a Friday night. 

Style: Session IPA

ABV: 4,5%

Click here to learn more about Declan.