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Beer Release Experimental Brew: Red Ale

This is a cask Red Ale, created by one of our brewery interns, Christoffer. A one-time, limited experimental brew by Beerbliotek, a Swedish Craft Brewery Gothenburg, Sweden.

Here at Beerbliotek, we give our brewery interns an opportunity to design and brew their own recipe, as part of their brewery education with us. Through our side project which we call Experimental Brews, they have the freedom to experiment on our small brew kit to gain valuable experience, confidence and knowledge on how to work with beer, before they head out into the world. Christoffer chose to create a Red Ale, which turned out to be our first intern brew in casks!

Experimental Brew: Red Ale (Cask)

A deep reddish copper Cask Ale with caramel maltiness, toffee-like tones and Noble hop aromas. Clean, smooth and bitter.

From the creator:

“The thoughts with my beer was to go back to the basics. No dry hopping or brewing an IPA, but to try to make a decent Red Ale. Something that you want to drink with your friends, who “just want a beer” that isn’t an IPA, or something hoppy. Putting it into casks was very fun for me as it’s always the first pint I go for when I’m in England!”

Style: Red Ale (cask)

ABV: 5,2%