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#171 Whoop Ass

Dry Hopped Sour Ale with Orange Peel

Ever feel like life is getting you down? Long, hard days at work, with no thanks from the man?! Well, maybe it’s time to open a can of Whoop Ass? Find more Sours at

#164 A Passion for Strawberry Blondes

Sour Ale

Part of a fruited Sour Ale series, this contains heaps of passion fruit and strawberries, with a perfect amount of tartness and sweet fruit. A sour, tart and refreshing Sour Ale perfect accompaniment to any occasion. In our sixth Berliner we’ve added a lot of passion... fruit, and strawberries. It’s as simple as that. This beer is dedicated to everyone living their life full of passion.

#143 A Passion for Gingers

Sour Ale

Gingers, as we call it for short, is a low ABV Sour Ale, with the addition of passion fruit and ginger. A fruity, tangy flavour with hints of passion fruit, lemon and ginger. A delightfully tart and refreshing passion fruit & ginger sour. It has all you’d expect plus a nice background citrus flavour that keeps it bright and tangy on the palate. A real summer sour beer!