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Our New Beers going to Systembolaget, See you at Nöjesguiden Beer Festival and Go Zest Lemon is a new beer out this week – Weekly Update

2016 has started with a bang. We’ve been brewing flat-out in the new Kungsten Brewery, whilst also planning the sour beers we’ll be brewing in our old Sockerbruket Brewery. More on that later.

We asked our fans on Facebook and Instagram which of two beers they would prefer to see at Systembolaget, an Imperial Stout or an Unfiltered Pilsner. The voting did lean towards the Stout, but the Pilsner did not fair too badly. The totals are that 67% voted for the Imperial Stout, and 33% voted for the Unfiltered Pilsner. It could be that it is winter here up north. We wonder what they results would have been if we asked the same question during the summer? We are in fact launching both at Systembolaget at the start of February, and you can read about them below.

Our New Beers going to Systembolaget at the start of February

We’re happy to say that we have two new beers going to Systembolaget at the start of February. The 1st of February to be exact. They will be joining the 4 other beers we already have there, and we hope you’re happy with the selection of Beerbliotek beers available for you to buy.

Remember, they will be in the closest stores to the brewery, which ones we will make known a few days before once they have been confirmed. But as always, you can order them via the Systembolaget website and have them shipped to your local store.

See you at the Nöjesguiden Beer Festival.

At the end of January, we will be attending the Nöjesguiden Beer Festival, our first festival for 2016. The dates are 29-30 January, and you can read more on their website.

The beers we’re taking are Hip Hops, Black IPA, Bobek Citra and then three new beers, Eternal Darkness, an Imperial Stout which we’re also releasing to Systembolaget, “I Lost my Cherry by the Salty Sea”, a Sour Cherry, Salt & Pepper Berliner, and then our collaboration with BrewFist called Sweason, a fruit Saison.

Go Zest

Lemon Peel Session Pale Ale – 4,8%

This past week, we have launch the second version of our Peel Session Pale Ales, this one with Lemon peel. It is available at the usual pubs that stock our beer, in the bottle, as well as on tap. The first version with Orange peel is now sold out, so sorry if you couldn’t get your hands on a bottle. We do hope you like this one.

Our beers currently available at Systembolaget

Why not place an order for a 4-pack or a mixed pack and have it shipped to your local store for only 110,20kr? Follow the link to get started

Bobek Citra

For this Pale Ale we use Styrian Bobek Hops from Slovenia and Citra Hops from the US. This combines the gentle citrus tones of European noble hops with the more in your face aromas of US high alpha Hops. Order from Systembolaget.

Raspberry Wheat

We ferment this Pale Ale with a massive amount of Raspberries. With 30% Wheat in the malt bill, it has a slight sourness we think works nicely with the Raspberry aroma. Order from Systembolaget.

Hip Hops

Hip Hops contains a combination of what we consider to be the current “Hipster Hops”. A clean malt profile of Pale Malt and Carapils leaves a crisp clean finish, allowing the hops to really shine. Order from Systembolaget.

Black IPA

Cascade and Columbus Hops present fresh pine and citrus characteristics, combined with the coffee and liquorice tones from our blend of roasted malts. For us, it’s all the things a Black IPA should be. Order from Systembolaget.

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