Press Releases, Tap Room

Our Tap Room is open again…

Since 2013, we have been fortunate to be part of the Gothenburg Brewery scene, which in our view, have been a guiding light in the European Craft Beer market, where Gothenburg is often referred to as one of the beer capitals of Europe. As a collective, we believe we have championed an inclusive, responsible culture of beer consumption and enjoyment.

As a part of this we have opened a Brewery Tap Room in December, 2016, where we have had beer tastings, music events, bus tours, pop-up shops, brewery tours and dog walks, amongst others. Our goal has always been education about Craft Beer in our community, and the importance to buy locally produced products.

After a meeting in February with Social Resurs, where they discussed the plan to standardise the serving sizes for brewery Tap Rooms with provningstillstånd, the decision finally arrived on Friday the 1st of November.

This decision highlighted three major changes to the current stipulations

  1. Sample sizes. They are to be based strictly on the alcohol content. This equates to the equivalent of 1.5cl for 40% ABV Strong Spirits
  2. Servings per person. Samples are restricted to a maximum of 8 servings per person
  3. Samples per beer. No more than one sample of each product per person

Their decision to introduce serving sizes based solely on the alcohol strength in relation to 40% Strong Spirits shows a serious lack of knowledge regarding beer tastings and why consumers visit Brewery Tap Rooms . It shows a fundamental failure by Göteborg Stad to engage with the local producers, in order to understand the implications of the stipulations.

Their decisions, are impossible for us to implement in our Brewery Tap Room. Due to this we have had to take the difficult decision to close our Tap Room to the public until further notice. This will unfortunately result in the loss of a number of jobs as well.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite Göteborg Stad Social Resurs to engage with us on this issue so we can continue to help promote responsible alcohol consumption, and help Göteborg Stad make Gothenburg one of the most attractive and enticing tourist destinations in Europe.

To read more about their decisions, follow the links below.