Press Releases, Systembolaget

Recall of batch #CLA744 of A Moment of Clarity.

Since the beginning of 2018, A Moment of Clarity has qualified into Systembolagets’ Standard Assortment, and since then, Sweden’s best rated Session IPA has gone into more and more stores.

In our rush to keep up with demand for this beer it appears we have packaged a beer to soon and have noticed since that we have a fermentation issue with batch #CLA744. Unfortunately we need to recall this batch. We strive to make the best beer we can but sometimes mistakes are made and we are sorry for any inconvenience to our customers.

For those who find a can with the batch number #CLA744 on the bottom, store them in a fridge or carefully put it in a plastic bag and return it to your local store. Note that the beer is in no way harmful to drink.

This warm summer in Sweden has caused higher than usual room temperatures, and it surely did not help this beer’s fermentation issue.

A suggestion for the future is to store any hoppy beers in the fridge to keep them in the best condition. You will notice all of your hoppy beers will hold up much better at the cooler temperatures.

Thank you for your understanding and as always for drinking Beerbliotek Craft Beer.