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#373 Snabba puckar

Wet Hop IPA. Lush, aromatic and pristine.

#372 Premium Pilsner – Gluten Free

Traditional, mellow and clean.

#366 Säsongsbira. Höst 2023

Malt-forward, crisp & balanced.

#365 Säsongsbira. Sommar 2023

Bright, full-flavoured and crisp.

#364 Säsongsbira. Vår 2023

Traditional, malty, soft and creamy.

#363 Wit a little help from my friends

Citrus, crisp and bright.

#362 Sunset studies

Vibrant, juicy and ethereal.

#361 I have fallen in the forest, did you hear me?

Bold, hoppy, with a balanced bitterness.

#359 No one knows us in Bilbao

Trendy, hoppy, crisp & refreshing.

#358 She said I like long walks and sci-fi movies

Hoppy, hazy and slick.

#357 Life hack

Crisp. Citrus. Clean.

#352 I like you because you are just the right height

Traditional, malty, soft and creamy.

#351 Take a run at the Sun

Tropical fruits. Stone fruits. Golden. Juicy.

#350 Disciples of Quad

Disciples of Quad – a Belgian Quadrupel Dried figs. White pepper. Molasses.

#349 Easy as 1, 2, 3

Apples, blueberries and cinnamon.

#348 We make bangers, not anthems

Chewy, full-bodied & bang on.

#347 Hand-delivered by a drone

Fruity, fabulous and far out.

#345 Purely selfish reasons

Malt, spice, fruit and esters.

#344 We’re taking over the world one kiss at a time

Malt, hops and a bitter kiss.

#343 Port Side Porter Barrel Aged

Port Side barrel aged version. First one ever, but will do them yearly.

#342 I am Disco

Dry. Italian. Swedish. Crisp. Öl.

#341 Night is falling to the ground

Rounded. Orange. Milk chocolate.

#339 What we brew in the shadows

Dark & hoppy with a bitter punch.

#338 Before the tide comes in

Pale, tropical fruit & a touch of pine.