A can of Pustervik IPA along with the artwork that will hang on the wall at Pustervik.

Soon we’re releasing Pustervik IPA, there’s international shipments on the way and the Member’s Club came to the Tap Room for some Crayfish – Biweekly Brewery Update

In a week’s time we’ll be releasing Pustervik IPA, while last week we packed some international orders to no less than six countries and have some photos from our Member’s Club’s Crayfish party at the Brewery Tap Room.

Pustervik IPA

Launch event is on the 12th of October.

A packshot of Beerbliotek's Pustervik IPA.

Exactly one year ago we collaborated with our friends at Pustervik to create their Pustervik IPA. One year later we revisited the beer, and decided it was time to put it in a can.

Besides just the can, we also collaborated on the artwork, which comprises of three paintings, for a total size of 3 metres by 1,2 metres. The artwork is a mix of people, musicians, hands, animals, and more, and feature on the can label.

On the 12th of October we will be heading down to Pustervik for the official launch of this beer, and the event is open for all. So if you’re in town that night, then stop by, say hi. You can read more on the Facebook Event.

Collaborations are an integral part of our brewing philosophy, so which better place to collaborate with than one of our favourite music venues in Gothenburg.

Swedish Crayfish Party.

The Beerbliotek’s Member’s Club comes to our Tap Room.

A crayfish party held by the Beerbliotek Member's Club at the Beerbliotek Brewery & Tap Room.

Crayfish have been eaten in Sweden since the 1500s. For a long while, only the aristocracy enjoyed these delicacies, as popular suspicion of shellfish was widespread. Originally, crayfish meat was used for sausage, ragout, patties or puddings.

In the mid-1800s, people started eating crayfish as they are eaten today. The crayfish feast or crayfish supper in the month of August spread through the middle classes. In the 1900s, crayfish became a national delicacy and people in all sectors of society began celebrating the occasion. The price of crayfish fell as a result of imports from Turkey and elsewhere. The crayfish feast, at which people gather to eat, drink and be merry, is a typically Swedish festivity marking the end of the summer.

Last month we had our Member’s Club over for just such a party, but instead of schnapps, we had our latest fresh beer on tap at the Brewery Tap Room. It was a great night, and our local bakery Sannas Konditori Baggeri baked some bread and a fabulous Chocolate cake with some of our latest Oat Stout as part of the ingredients.

If you’d like to become a member, and take part in these kinds of events, then get in touch on their Facebook page.

Oslo, Norway.

Tap Takeover at Oculus.

Next week on the 11th of October, Henrik, our Sales and Export Manager will be heading to Oslo for a Tap Takeover at Oculus. It’s free admission and you can see the event on Facebook if you’re in the area.

Poster for the Beerbliotek Tap Takeover at Oculus in Oslo, Norway.

Some News.

The Next Big Thing In Beer Is Being A Small Taproom.

Credit: Courtesy of Medusa Brewing Company/Elise Meader

At the end of 2016, we were fortunate to receive our Tap Room licence, and promptly opened up the Brewery Tap Room. It’s been great to have access to so many customers first hand. Here in Sweden, with our state monopoly dictating sales of alcohol to consumers, it’s tough to get access to our customers, but that looks like it is changing across the globe.

The explosion of taprooms in the US has happened as states relax laws to allow brewers direct-to-consumer retail rights. In the past, a brewer couldn’t sell directly to the public without being a “bonafide eating place.” Most state laws required that the majority of revenue comes from food.

“On any given night, I can walk out my front door and within a half hour be at one of seven different taprooms serving up amazing fresh beer, brewed on the spot. Do you get what I’m going through? How could anyone possibly choose?

Here in the leafy western suburbs of Boston, there’s Start Line in Hopkinton; CraftRoots in Milford; 7th Wave in Medfield; Medusa in Hudson; and Jack’s Abbey, Springdale and Exhibit ‘A’ in Framingham.

These taprooms are part of the latest trend in craft beer in America.”

International Orders.

Ready to roll.

A shipment of Beerbliotek Craft Beer packed and ready to go.

This past week our Co-Owner & Warehouse Manager, Anders, has really been busy packing pallets of beer to be shipped around the world. Six countries to be exact, and a whole lot of pallets to go to our warehouse in Stockholm for distribution to Systembolaget in Sweden.

We’re shipping to Hong Kong for the very first time as well, and looking forward to seeing what will happen on Social Media once the pubs and restaurants get hold of their stock.

If you’d like to get hold of our beers from the distributors, then get in touch, and we’ll link them up with you. Have a look at the beers from our Standard Assortment, or the new beers from our Special Assortment. If you’re keen to distribute our beer in your country, then get in touch, and we can discuss possibilities with you.

And finally.

Good times at the Tap Room.

This past weekend was a Brewery Tap Room weekend, and we launched two new beers on tap for the very first time. The latest Oat Stout “Still not found what you looking for” was nearly sold out, but the beer of the weekend was definitely our Sour from our Sockerbruket Brewery. “Hey you in the bushes” is Dry-hopped mixed culture sour.

Along with them was a fresh batch of “Not Guilty! The Juice IPA”, which was packaged on the Friday morning, ready to be sold that same night. We always try and have the freshest beer at our Tap Room, so keep following us for the next Tap Room weekend on the 13-14th of October. Doors always open Fridays 5pm and Saturdays 2pm.


That’s it from us for this week. We’re back in two weeks.


Freshly packaged cans of Beerbliotek Craft Beer. "Not Guilty! The Juice IPA".

Get hold of our beers.


A can of Beerbliotek "A Moment of Clarity, GBG Beer Week 2017".
A Hop aromatic taste with a gentle bitterness, hints of Mango, Passion Fruit, Grapefruit Peel, Pine Needles and Pineapple.

Visit our Systembolaget page, to see the entire range. All of them can be bought can buy in-store at certain stores, or you can order them to your closest store via Systembolaget.se.

Folköl (Low ABV Beers)

A can of Beerbliotek Session IPA, low ABV beer (Folköl).
We mash this low ABV beer warmer than usual to retain the malt backbone. We then hop it with loads of Citra and Motueka to give aroma and flavour to a beer you can enjoy all day.

On our Folköl page you can see our entire assortment, as well as the Stores & Supermarkets, such as ICA & Hemköp that stock them across Sweden. At our Tap Room you can buy them directly from us.


Have a look at the beers from our Standard Assortment, or the new beers from our Special Assortment.

If you’d like to get hold of our beers from the distributors, then get in touch, and we’ll link them up with you. If you’re keen to distribute our beer in your country, then get in touch, and we can discuss possibilities with you.

Fresh cans of Beerbliotek "Not Guilty! The juice IPA" waiting to be shipped.
Fresh cans of "Not Guilty! The juice IPA" waiting to be shipped.

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Our new cans have arrived, with an updated logo and Gothenburg skyline. 

If you ever have one in your hand, have a look under the label, that’s where you can read the history of our brewery. 

#beercan #beercans #candesign #beerbliotek #craftbeer #craftöl #öl

Our new cans have arrived, with an updated logo and Gothenburg skyline.

If you ever have one in your hand, have a look under the label, that’s where you can read the history of our brewery.

#beercan #beercans #candesign #beerbliotek #craftbeer #craftöl #öl

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