Madison Simpson, a wee Scottish lass

Madison Simpson holding some cans in the Beerbliotek Tap Room.

This week we’re catching up with Madison Simpson, who’s pretty new in our brewery, considering she only arrived in Sweden in 2019. This wee Scottish lass is from a small village in the North East of Scotland. I’m not even going to try to pronounce, never mind write the name of the village, safe to say Aberdeen is the closest city.

Her first job in beer was at a small independent local craft beer bar in Aberdeen, before being snapped up by a larger brewery you might have heard of, called BrewDog. So we’re pretty happy she’s on our side now.

So Madison, where did you hear about Beerbliotek for the first time?

In that small independant bar we had Whoop Ass on tap, and in the fridge. The design and name immediately caught my attention. But I fell in love with the brand through one of your other beers called Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? It was a great Stout, but more importantly I love U2.

Madison Simpson with a can of Whoop Ass in Beerbliotek.

So being in the beer industry for a while then, what is the future for Craft Beer?

I would love to see people move away from the trendy aspects of beer, ratings and so on, and get back to basics and focusing on more styles. I already see it in my work as Tap Room Manager on the weekends, where we sell a lot of Pilsners, Sours, Stouts as well as IPAs.

So is Tap Room Manager all you do here?

No absolutely not, it’s roughly 30% of my workload at the moment. The rest of my time is spent as Marketing assistant, which I’m getting into more and more. So I get to see the Craft Beer from multiple sides, which I like.

Final question then, when you’re not dreaming about beer, what are you dreaming about?

At the moment travelling, which means I hope the world gets back to normal very soon.

Madison Simpson having a laugh in the Beerbliotek brewery.