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#314 Every li’l thing

This low ABV American Pale Ale is deep-orange in colour, li’l in alcohol strength with a strong hop character. Big on the tropical, citrus, apricot and bready aroma with earthy, fruity and floral flavours and a hint of toffee for a hoppy-sweet finish.

#312 Sällskapsdryck

This is the third beer in our home brand series where we challenged our brewers with a two word brief, and where design does not take centre stage, but the beer itself. Clean, simple, full of citrus and stone fruit flavours with hints of grass notes and a soft yet pronounced bitterness.

#241 New Super Larsson Bros

#166 Paley McPaleface

Coming up with a name is an artform. Asking for help from our brewery employees poses other challenges. So we thought about what the internet would’ve said if we asked it... #simcoe #centennial #columbus

#122 Rye Pale Ale Centennial Wakatu


#05 Bobek Citra

Gentle citrus. Balanced bitterness.

#05.1 Bobek Citra Peach

We’ve added Peach into our longest lasting beer. This combines peach tones on top of the gentle citrus tones of European noble hops with the more in your face aromas of US high alpha Hops.