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#341 Night is falling to the ground

Rounded. Orange. Milk chocolate.

#339 What we brew in the shadows

Dark & hoppy with a bitter punch.

#297 Crossing the streams in the dark

Crossing the streams in the dark - a Black IPA

Our brewers really enjoy brewing new beers, or playing with variations in a style. In this case they’re not going with the flow, but crossing the stream to pay homage to the forgotten Black IPA. Cross the stream over to

#237 Zippy’s throwing a party, and there’s a dress code

A lot of our beer names are inspired by people we meet at festivals, and experiences we share. If you want to know what this beer name is all about, or inspire the next one, then see you at a festival. There’s more collaborations at

#170 Sabotage

Colaborations are an integral part of our brewing philosophy. This time around our good friend Olle, from O|O Brewing, came by to brew something a little different.

#017 Belgian Black IPA

Toasty malts and fruity hops combine with a Belgian yeast to make a complex beer that we know won't be for everyone. But we're ok with that.

#07 Black IPA

Cascade and Columbus Hops present fresh pine and citrus characteristics, combined with the coffee and liquorice tones from our blend of roasted malts. For us, it’s all the things a Black IPA should be.

#01 Black Ale Chilli

Spicy, hoppy & roasted.