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#358 She said I like long walks and sci-fi movies

Hoppy, hazy and slick.

#348 We make bangers, not anthems

Chewy, full-bodied & bang on.

#295 I never agreed to date you without a beard

We agreed that we'd save the rainforests, that we'd save the whales, even save the world. But we never agreed you could shave the beard. Get yourself over to

#283 Dont you look so surprised, Happy Birthday Trucker!

If you’ve been drinking craft beer in Sweden for the past 6 years you’ll be aware of Brewski and their #greathumanproject. It's no surprise we asked them to join us for our Birthday. We love ‘em.

#226 Last day before retirement

Don't waste any time drinking this beer. It’s meant to be drunk fresh, and it’s meant to be drunk cold. So there’s no time to waste, this is the last day before retirement, a new England IPA brewed with the freshest hops we could get our hands on! We have other fresh beers at

#192 Colonial Hipster

In the early days, there was no place for haze, but without delay, it became all the rage. No filters get used, no palates abused, a beer for all, not just colonial hipster dudes. For more rhymes visit