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#319 Finns i sjön

This opaque black low ABV Porter delivers taste hints of coffee, leather, tobacco and bittersweet chocolate with an added layer of nuts, spice and fennel stalks in the aroma. With a low to medium carbonation and a slick mouthfeel, very easy to drink with just the right amount of complexity in the flavours.

#290 Follow me into the dark

Follow me into the dark - a Porter

A calm settles over the forest at night. But in the shadows something calls. Beckoning. Go off exploring, into the dark. Find your way to

#228 Not all doom and gloom

As the hottest Swedish summer in memory comes to an end, and Autumn slowly prepares to walk us into the Eternal Darkness of winter, it's time to reflect upon the year so far, and realise it’s not all doom and gloom.

#095 Baltic Porter

An opaque black beer with brown head, aromas of orange peel, liquorice, hazelnut and soya a good way! Full bodied, roasty and thick. Will age well.

#08 Port Side Porter

This Porter has tones of liquorice, coffee and chocolate, and will mellow as it ages. Why not try it together with fresh oysters?