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#294 Make tiny changes to Earth

Time is infinite, but our time is not. While we’re alive, let’s make tiny changes to Earth. We’re always evolving at

#259 Idaho 24/7

Idaho 24/7 - a Session IPA

Let this beer be perpetual. Let it not slip from your grasp, lest you not be able to sip 24/7. Get more mottos at

#232 I am everyday people

With so many big beers in our lineup, we attempted to brew a beer on the other end of the scale, that still has a full body, but equally, is refreshing. An everyday beer for everyday people.

#181 A Moment of Clarity

Fresh, fruity & sessionable. Big Flavours.


Brewing your own IPA is easy, but maybe not the first time. That’s why Det Lilla Köksbryggeriet exists, to help people start brewing. Together with Beerbliotek, we created this beer with the ultimate first-timer recipe. Order the DIY* brew kit at or get in touch at

#117 Blöta Lövet