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A Moment of Clarity


Session IPA
ABV 4,7%


We first brewed this beer in 2017, in recognition of the great work being done by our peers in the Gothenburg beer scene. We wanted to create a beer that was sessionable and accessible, to everyone.


Hip Hops


ABV 6,0%


Hip Hops contains a combination of what we consider to be the current “Hipster Hops”. A clean malt profile of Pale Malt and Carapils leaves a crisp clean finish, allowing the hops to really shine.

A can packshot of Bobek Citra, an American Pale Ale, brewed by Swedish Craft Brewery Beerbliotek.

Bobek Citra


American Pale Ale
ABV 5,5%


For this Pale Ale we use Styrian Bobek Hops from Slovenia and Citra Hops from the US. This combines the gentle citrus tones of European noble hops with the more in your face aromas of US high alpha Hops.


A Passion for Gingers


Fruit Sour
ABV 3,8%


Not everyone who loves gingers loves ginger, but ginger lovers who do love gingers, love them with a passion. This beer is dedicated to our friends Bobbi and Steven.

A can packshot of Better late than never, a New England IP collaboration between Swedish Craft brewery Beerbliotek and Scottish Brewery Six degrees North.

Better late than never


New England IPA
ABV 6,8%


Travelling to different countries & making new friends is how it all started with Six°North. Our second collaboration is a New England IPA with big hits like Citra & Ekuanot.

A can packshot of Eternal Darkness, an award winning Imperial Stout, brewed by Swedish Craft Brewery Beerbliotek.

Eternal Darkness


Imperial Stout
ABV 11,0%


The winter nights in Sweden are long, dark and cold. We created this beer to keep you company through those hours of eternal darkness.


Welcome to the Easter bunny mansion


Dark Amber Ale
ABV 5,8%


Following up from the success in 2019 we decided to bring back Easter Bunny for 2020. A floral nose with hints of Rose Petals, a balanced malt aroma with hints of coffee. The taste is Malty and round with a smooth mouth feel.


Wood I lie to you?


Barrel Aged Barley Wine
ABV 12,1%


This Barley Wine has been aged in Oak Barrels for six months, then blended with a fresh batch to achieve the refined flavours our brew team was looking for. We then dedicated it to one of our favourite songs from 90s.


Here comes the sun


American Pale Ale
ABV 4,8%


Spring into action, grab a beer. Guaranteed satisfaction, have no fear. This verse is silly, that is true. But we got you to read it, so jokes on you.


Pop Corn

Hop Porn


ABV 6,0%


When you get this can of Corn based beverage in your hand, just pop it. Hop back to your seat and drink it. It is over hopped and hopped again, for your hop head, hop porn pleasure.


Pils Pls


Unfiltered Pilsner
ABV 4,6%


This is a Pilsner. Our take on the traditional Lager. A classic style with a contemporary twist, brewed with Hops from Germany and North America. Chill, sit back and pls enjoy this Pils.


I’m so aware this is happening


Double IPA
ABV 7,9%


A Double IPA accelerated with an intense aroma of sweet orange peel and pineapple. A soft, dry bitterness leaves your tongue heavy with hops and deep malty depths.


You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them enjoy the view


Double IPA
ABV 8,0%


A horse walks up to a watering hole and the person standing there asks, “Why the long name?”


They’re playing our song


New England IPA
ABV 7,5%


As usual, we’ve made friends with these world-beaters at festivals over beers. And as usual, there’s music and dancing involved. And everytime, they’ve been playing our song.


Eternal Dankness


Imperial IPA
ABV 9,5%


Brewed every year for the All In Beer Fest, we present the 2019 interpretation of your Imperial Overlord, Eternal Dankness.


What’s the story morgon glory


Oat Stout with Tarrazu Coffee
ABV 6,5%


One of the most important ingredients in making Craft Beer is great coffee. Thanks to our friends at Morgon Coffee Roasters for making our early mornings better, and for the coffee in this beer.

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