Madison Simpson, from Beerbliotek, and Connie Dickinson, from Yakima Chief Hops, taking part in the GLOWALONG project 2021. Created by organisation G.L.O.W - The Global Ladies of Wort. The collaboration beer is a Kveik IPA, brewed by Beerbliotek, a Swedish Craft Brewery based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

GLOW-along 2021

GLOW-along is our collaboration with G.L.O.W. & Yakima Chief Hops. This Kveik IPA is part of a collective brew project, created by G.L.O.W. to tackle gender bias in the brewing industry, and give back to the community. We used a special GLOW Community Hop Selection (YCH Loral, Sorachi Ace, HBC 472 Cryo) and one local ingredient. We chose Swedish Sugar Kelp (Sockertång), sourced from sustainable Swedish coastal Seafarms.

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