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We release Unperial Stout at our Tap Room, along with A Moment of Clarity at 96+ Systembolaget stores in this biweekly brewery update.

In this week’s Biweekly Brewery Update we talk about the release of Unperial Stout, as well as Sweden’s best rated Session IPA, A Moment of Clarity heading to 96+ Swedish stores on the 1st of March.

Unperial Stout.

A small beer, with a big heart.

[blockquote text=”Our brewing philosophy is to build an ever expanding beer library. This means we get to dig into our beer archives and revisit recipes we remember fondly. This collaboration with our friends at Dugges and da Matteo, resulted in a small beer, with a big heart.” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

This weekend it is time to release this beer, again. I say again, because this is number 107 in our assortment of beers brewed, and we’re now at number 210. We first brewed this beer in 2015, and thought it was the right time to brew it again. It is a true Gothenburg collaboration, because it is brewed with one of Gothenburg’s best Craft Breweries, Dugges, with coffee from one of Gothenburg’s best Coffee Roasteries Da Matteo.

Right now the market is saturated with high alcohol Stouts, 9-11% and with the success of our Session IPA, A Moment of Clarity, we noticed there’s a space in the market for sessionable beers. That is beers that you can drink more than once in a session. And this beer is a very sessionable 3,4%.

This weekend we will release Unperial Stout at our Brewery Tap Room, followed by Supermarkets and Bars the following week.


Our Low ABV Beers for 2018.

We brewed our first Folköl (Low ABV Beer) at the end of 2013. It was a Saison, called Sockerbruket Saison, just because our first brewery is in a building called Sockerbruket. And of course cause it rhymes so beautifully. Since then we managed to do eight different 3,5% beers. From IPAs to Saisons, a Stout and a couple of Berliner Weisse.

This year we decided to settle on three different styles. A Session IPA, a Berliner Weisse and a Stout. Unperial Stout joins the other two Session IPA and Whoop Ass for 2018.

If you don’t see these on the the shelves in your local supermarket, then ask them to get in touch and we’ll ship some there way. You always need a full supply of low ABV beers close by.

Sweden’s best rated* Session IPA, A Moment of Clarity.

Heading to 96+ Swedish stores.

The story of A Moment of Clarity is not even a year old yet. We released it as the official GBG Beer Week beer for 2017. That was after the success of Stigbergets GBG Beer Week 2016. Since the launch the label has gone through one change, and that was we replaced the GBG Beer Week logo with our own after 2017. The collaboration was only for 2017, and this year our friends at Dugges has the honour of brewing the official GBG Beer Week beer for 2018.

According to Ratebeer, the term Session IPA describes a category of beers marketed for their hop-dominant flavour profiles at “sessionable” levels of alcohol. While this is typically 3.2-4.6% ABV, a few have stretched the definition. This class of beers arose in 2010 out of the Craft Beer Tradition as a reaction to the trend of increasingly strong beers and greater public appreciation for hoppier profiles around the globe.

It is differentiated from American Pale Ale by typically being lower in alcohol and usually having more hop-dominant profiles. While hops used are typically American Pacific Northwest and New Zealand, proprietary/experimental and South African and other hops may also factor into a Session IPA hop bill.

We brewed this beer in recognition of the great work being done by our peers in the Gothenburg beer scene. We wanted to create a beer that was sessionable and accessible, to everyone. Now that it has rated in the top 25 best Session IPAs on ratebeer and qualified into 96+ Systembolaget stores in Sweden, we hope that a lot more people will be able to get their hands on it. The official release date for all the stores is March 1.

* A Moment of Clarity in the Top 25 best Session IPAs on Ratebeer.

Black Ale Chilli.

Thank you Sweden for your support.

On the 16th of February we celebrated our 5th birthday. As part of our celebration here in Sweden, we released 10 000 cans of Black Ale Chilli at Systembolaget in Sweden. If you don’t know, then that was the first beer we ever brewed, on the 19th of February 2013, and we thought it would be a great way to celebrate.

Thank you to everyone that went out and bought some, and especially the photos and feedback we’ve received online and via email. We just heard that it’s nearly all sold out, which is really great.

If you haven’t been able to try it, and you’re in Gothenburg this coming weekend, then get to our Brewery Tap Room where it will again be available all weekend.

In Other News.

Gothenburg. Where beer is a religion.

Image credits Blondinrikard and Bernt Rostad

It appears a city can’t be considered “cool” nowadays without a craft beer scene. Well, you can put a big tick in Gothenburg’s box as this is a city that takes its beer seriously!

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The colour of love.

As a brewery we always try and expand our beer library. This red beauty is our second new beer for 2018, after the IPA Staring out Windows. We’re not telling you what it is, but have just released all these photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where people are guessing the style and two ingredients. So far they are way off.

More news on the beer in a week or so. It will be available at our brewery tap Room in two weeks time for the release.

And finally.

Two Stouts at our Tap Room for the first time.

If you’re also busy planning your weekend, then maybe you should join us on the 2nd or 3rd of March at our Brewery Tap Room for the official Unperial Stout Release? If you prefer aged Stouts, then we’ve got 48 bottles of our 2015 Dallarado Stout on the beer list too. If you missed our Black Ale Chilli release two weeks ago, we’ve added some more cans for this weekend.

As always, doors open Fridays 17-21 and Saturdays 14-19. Come on by, and say hi.


That’s it from us for this week. We’ll be back in two weeks.


The Beerbliotek Team

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