Brewery Updates, Collaborations, New Beers

We take a look at the second part of our collaboration history, release a new IPA plus start selling our first sour beer

To start of this week I’d like to give a shout out to all the guys and girls we met at The Brekeriet and Friends Beer Festival in Malmö, in the south of Sweden. What a day. And not to mention the great beers. It was a pleasure hanging out with you guys.

Now while we’re on the topic of sour beers, Richard has finally put aside some time to go and keg the rest of “Sour Berry Quite Contrary”. It’s our first sour beer we brewed at our first Sockerbruket Sour Brewery, and certainly not the last.

We won a bronze in the category Sour Beer at the Gothenburg Beer and Whisky Festival 2016, which made us very happy indeed.

Sour Berry Quite Contrary out next week

Be on the lookout for this beer in the market. We’ve only got about 15 kegs, so it’s going to be first come first served. Rumour has it that BrewDog Södermalm in Stockholm will be the first with a keg on tap.

[blockquote text=”Our first sour fermented beer, with our own home grown, mixed cultures. Add crazy amounts of raspberries, and you’re holding a beer like nothing we’ve ever made before.” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

Collaborations are an integral part of our brewing philosophy.

In the second part of our collaboration history tour we mark off beers #105 to the end #159. All in all 20 collaborations out of 54 new beers brewed is not bad going.

#105 Raisin’ Hell with Dugges


We’ve done a few collaborations with our friends at Dugges. This was the second one we brewed at their brewery. It’s an imperial Brown Ale. Think Rum and Raisin, but in a beer 🙂

#107 Unperial Stout with Dugges and Da Matteo


This is a collaboration stout between us, Dugges and Da Matteo Coffee roasters in Gothenburg. The Challenge was to create a low ABV coffee stout with the full flavour and mouth feel of an Imperial Stout. We used copious amounts of Da Matteo’s single origin coffee from Carmin Joven’s farm in Colombia to create the great roasted tones and aromas in this beer.

[blockquote text=”One more Gothenburg collaboration between Dugges, Beerbliotek and Da Matteo. The idea was to brew a small beer with a big heart.” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

#108 Brewers in Arms with Nils Oscar


Our first collaboration with our friends at Nils Oscar. It’s an India Pale Lager or IPL. Basically and India Pale Ale, but instead of using Pale Ale yeast, we used Lager yeast. It means fermentation happens at a lower temperature and you get the best of both worlds.

#109 Dalarado Collaboration Stout with Dalarado Brewery


This beer has quite a kick with Roasted malts, smoke, intense coffee, dark chocolate and is balanced with a lot of American hops.

Unfortunately Dalarado Brewery had to close down, but it was great while it lasted, and I think we brewed a great beer. There’s still some available in the market, and seems to just get better with age.

#113 Potbelly Home Brew IPA No.01 with Potbelly Brew Shop


This was a big competition and involved a lot of people. It was a collaboration with our friend Trevor at Potbelly Brew Shop in Gothenburg and the organisers of the Gothenburg Beer and Whisky Festival.

The idea was to get home-brewers to submit their version of an IPA, and the winner will get to brew it at our brewery, and launch it during the festival. The winner was Jonas Barlind, who actually went all the way and opened his own brewery called Barlind Beer.

#114 & #115 Oak Aged Baltic Porter with Mackmyra


This collaboration was a lot of fun. We teamed up with our friends at Mackmyra, the Swedish Whisky Distillery and created two oak aged version of our Baltic Porter. The one was in a French Oak barrel, and the other in a Swedish Oak barrel.

Very different and was great to see the reaction on the people who got to taste it at the Gothenburg Beer and Whisky Festival. Especially the Whisky lovers.

#117 Session IPA with The Red Lion & Tapasbaren


We’re really lucky to have two great places, to drink and eat, just down the road from the brewery. The Red Lion is a great English style pub, while Tapasbaren is, well, a Tapas restaurant with a great wine selection.

This is the same Session IPA, but called “Blöta Lövet” at the Lion and “Kungslardugårds Session IPA” at Tapasbaren.

#121 Even more Hipster Hops with BrewDog Bar Stockholm


We’ve done our fare share of collaboration with the Swedish BrewDog bars, and this one is another crazy IPA based on our award winning Hip Hops, except it’s even more Hipster.

#127 Cross Eye Coffee Rye with Rådanäs Brewery


Rådanäs is another great Gothenburg Brewery, and this is was our first collaboration. We again used coffee from our friends at Da Matteo.

[blockquote text=”We teamed up with our friends at Rådanäs Bryggeri to create a beer with enough flavour to leave you cross eyed.” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

#131 What a Girl Wants with FemAle


So to answer your question, what does a girl want? It’s an 11% Imperial Stout. Well that’s what the girls from the FemAle Beer drinking group came down to the brewery to brew in any case. It turned out lovely. I’m looking forward to seeing how it ages.

If you want to get in touch with them, then do so at

#134 Do IPA Yourself with Köksbryggeriet


This is our first collaboration with Köksbryggeriet. What they did was scale down our recipe for a session IPA, then sell it together with a brewing kit online to home brewers. It gave them the chance to compare how close they can get to the original beer.

We live in Sweden, which means we can’t sell any beer directly to the public over 3,5%.

#136 Sweason with Brewfist


Sweason was our first collaboration with a brewery in Italy. We all tend to think that they’re mainly a wine producing country, and they are, but they do make great beer, especially Brewfist.

A clear Saison with the addition of Lambrusco wine and cherries. The mix of Saaz and Calypso hops with cherries gives a sensation that leans towards fruity, without overpowering the beer… very balanced and sensual!

#138 Lovechild with Beavertown and Brekeriet


Lovechild is technically our first sour beer, and we brewed this in collaboration with Beavertown from London, and Brekeriet from Malmö. The writeup should really explain the beer.

[blockquote text=”In April 2015 three breweries got together… they brewed beer… they drank beer… and somewhere along the way they created a lovechild.” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

#141 International Men of Mystery with Amager


Our first and hopefully not our last collaboration with the crazy guys from Amager in Denmark. Here’s the history.

Take an Australian, a New Zealander and a South African – a mysterious bunch, indeed – and have them start a brewery together… – in Gothenburg, Sweden. This sounds like a recipe for disaster, bordering on a regular meltdown. But the reality turned out quite differently. Perhaps because they threw a bit of Västra Götaland common sense into the mix, but whatever the reason, Beerbliotek has become one of the most successful new Swedish breweries. A success not founded on hype or hot air, but simply on the quality of their beer.

We at Amager Bryghus were honoured that these happy nutters felt like visiting us to brew a collaboration beer. The choice fell on something at least as exotic as Beerbliotek’s background. Let’s just call the result a different Double IPA.

#142 Pissed Volunteers with Dry and Bitter Brewing


What happens in Denmark, hopefully stays in Denmark. But we did manage to get hold of some kegs of this.

It’s a modern style saison brewed with wheat, barley and loads of Sorachi Ace. Post fermentation it has been spiced with red pepper corns and dry hopped with even more Sorachi Ace. Dry, spicy, fruity and hoppy.

#146 Min Farsa with Ölstugan Tullen


To show how Swedish beer is growing, you can have a look at what our friends at Ölstugan Tullen is doing. They have opened 7 pubs at the last count, that only sells Swedish beer. And they’re very poplar indeed.

#147 Tap 3 with Söder om Småland


We’ve done collaborations with Söder om Småland before, but this collaboration we are doing over and over again, as it is their house beer on a fixed tap. Number 3.

#152 Golden Sour with Stockholm Brewing Co.


We teamed up with our friends at Stockholm Brewing Company to create this hop inspired sour. The name was put out to competition on our social channels and our good friend Robin Bruhn was the first to come up with Golden Sour. It was really a closed contest after that.

#158 Monkey Business with All In Brewing


One more collaboration with our friends at All in Brewing. It was an easy name, as that is what happens down at the brewery nearly every time we get together to brew beer.

#159 I F*cking Made it with Haket


One of our favourite pubs in Gothenburg is Haket. It’s also the first place where we dropped off samples of our first beer Black Ale Chilli, when we just started out. They’ve been good friends ever since.

This beer was brewed in collaboration with them for their daughter, who just finished school. But was celebrated by all students before summer.

New beer out next week


Our follow up to Raters Gonna Rate is another IPA called Hopped and Hyped. The description says it all.

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That’s it for this week and the history tour of our collaborations. As I said before, collaborations are a vital part of our brewing philosophy, so we look forward to join up with more people in the future for more collabs.

We hope to see as many as possible at the Brewskival next week. Details are below.


Keep well, and drink fresh beer.


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Brewskival – 26-27 August 2016

This year we’re heading to Brewskival, the great human project 2016.

It’s Brewski’s outdoor beer festival in Helsingborg, taking place on the 26-27th of August at their Brewery! Look for some great craft beer, food, music and a lot of people.

Here’s the list of breweries that will be attending.

Brewski, Mikkeller, Green Bench, Pipeworks, Warpigs, Angry Chair, Evil Twin, Cycle Brewing, Cigar City Brewing, O|O Brewing, Brekeriet, Beerbliotek, … with more coming.

For more information on the festival and getting hold of your tickets, or have a look at theirwebsite for more information.

All in Beer Festival 4-5 November 2016

One of our favourite festivals is the All In Beer Fest. The reason? It’s just about beer.

We’ll be attending again this year, but if you’d like to attend, then there’s two ways to go about it. Buy a ticket, or enter our #FreshestCanInTheLand competition, where you stand the chance to win two entrance tickets.

Finding our beers in Sweden


Have a look at our Systembolaget page, where you’ll find a map that features the stores that have our beers on their shelves. If you live in other parts of Sweden, then you can follow this link to order the beers directly from to your closest store.

Folköl (Low ABV Beers)

Visit our Folköl page if you’d like to find out which Stores & Supermarkets, such as ICA & Hemköp stock our low ABV or “folköl” across Sweden.

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