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#364 Säsongsbira. Vår 2023

Traditional, malty, soft and creamy.

#352 I like you because you are just the right height

Traditional, malty, soft and creamy.

#296 Mild mannered

Mild mannered - an English Mild Ale

This beer has been put together by our production team, for our production team. A beer for their enjoyment, and subsequently, for yours too. We’re somewhat mild mannered at

#293 The trash-filled streets made me wish we were headed home

Naming Brown Ales isn’t easy. Too tempting to use puns. But in the end the words aren’t important. So ignore the trash and head on home. No trash at

#231 A really Grape Lager

Over a few glasses of wine we were offered some grapes from the first pressing by our friends at urban winery Wine Mechanics, and what else could we brew but a really grape Lager.